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Learn languages with Verbs-Verbi!

We take your intelligence type into account  when we help you learn languages. That's our thing, come on in.

Powerful help in preparing for exams, term papers, diploma defenses and presentations


Choose the course that is best for you

Language combination may vary


Based on our observations, individuals require foreign languages primarily in two scenarios:

  1. When they aim to transform their lives, they practice new roles. We compose and translate dialogues and monologues tailored for you, enabling you to adopt them for personal rehearsal and improvement.

  2. When individuals need official documentation, they prepare for examinations and require translations of documents.


As a result, we assist our valued clients in crafting and translating content for websites, academic and school assignments, resumes, essays, and books, as well as dialogues for interviews and monologues for presentations, among many other needs.
Please reach out to us through chat and provide details about your request. We are committed to offering our utmost support!


Serbian, Montenegrin for schoolchildren and students

IELTS Speaking task 1

English in dialogues, monologues, essays, letters


Italian for schoolchildren and students



Embracing Freedom in Language Learning: The Superiority of Free-Reflective Translation


The Use of Fairy Tales, Modern Tales, and Stories in Language Learning, Training, Coaching, and Consulting


Overview of topics for International business networking


Navigating the Digital Horizon: The Indispensable Value of Websites for Travel Agencies

What our clients are saying

My English study with Elena V Buran has been going on for 4 years. I was able to
learn a lot: now I don’t just mean speaking and reading, but the fact that I learned to
read books, almost without looking for an unknown word in Google translator, and
that I can watch episodes of my favorite TV series without pauses.

As for one of the state exams, the OGE, I managed to pass it with a score of 65 out of
68 points, and the second one, the EGE, will begin later. I loved English. It has become
not a burden but a unique key to all the doors. As I search for the information both in
Russian and English, I can analyze it from different standpoints.
Not to mention that English studies drive my personality and brain. Elena has not only
become a teacher but a mentor for me. Her knowledge and life course amaze me. She is
someone I can look up to as an example.

Valeria Sh.

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