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Serbian, Montenegrin for schoolchildren and students

- Studying in Montenegrin and Serbian schools, your children may face a triple burden: new terms, a different mentality and assessment criteria. That's why they need help.

- Both older and younger students enjoy my lessons: we go through engaging conversational skits in addition to grammar explanations. For the skits, I offer dialogues, essays, articles and video materials on school topics with translation and transcription.

- Every aspect of learning is tailored to your children's needs, wants and goals. This means you also need to understand why they need these lessons. This is what I ask first, which helps us find the answer and develop the program.

Serbian, Montenegrin for schoolchildren and students

A lesson plan for each schoolchild and student is drawn up individually, taking into account the student’s situation.

*The plan for individual lessons, duration, days and hours of lessons, final price and form of payment (including payment in crypto) are discussed personally.

To plan your lessons, just write to the website chat or Facebook or Telegram

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