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Communication in Serbian, Montenegrin

Разговорный Сербский, Черногорский в Диалогах

The program is designed for those who love Montenegro, Balkans and wish to immerse themselves in the language environment, following their duties as a resident of this paradise place, a member of the cultural community, a bearer of communicative competencies that we need on ordinary and special days, when we discuss prices in cafés, restaurants, or on excursions, submit receipts at the bank and post office, negotiate travel routes, plan joint actions at work, talk to accountants, lawyers, doctors, or veterinarians, and help our children with their school homework.

Conversational Serbian, Montenegrin in Dialogues

Schedule for level A1-A2 for the Communication in Serbian, Montenegrin Programme:

  • Basic grammar and vocabulary - 8 academic hours;

  • A series of dialogues for likely situations - from 8 academic hours;

  • Reverse translation - say in Serbian, Montenegrin what you think in English - from 8 academic hours;

  • Understanding the mentality through immersion in native texts and videos, moving to a higher level for continuing students.

Schedule for level B1-B2:

  • A game of synonyms, cases, and letter alternations - from 8 academic hours;

  • Logical structure of sentences and texts - from 8 academic hours;

  • Advanced dialogues for work and interaction - from 8 academic hours;

  • Deepening into intellectual communication games for continuing students.

*The program schedules provide general guidelines. The plan for individual lessons, duration, days and hours of lessons, final price, and form of payment (including payment in crypto) are discussed personally.

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Your programme: Communication in Serbian, Montenegrin

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