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Italian Conversational in Dialogues and Monologues for Adults

The program is designed for those who live and work in Italy or with Italians. In life, most of all we have to participate in dialogues or pronounce monologues: in a café and restaurant, at a party, in a hotel, in a bank, in a taxi, on the street and in other places. The Italian language is rich and diverse in grammatical forms and synonyms, so theory is absolutely not enough to master this language. It takes constant practice and reflection on what you are using to answer the questions "Why do I have to say so?" Classes with an emphasis on practice are offered to you here. During the lesson, we practice dialogue and monologue on a specific topic. This way, multiple attempts of pronunciations of the same phrases are achieved, which allows for better memorization and assimilation.

How classes are held: mostly online, according to a flexible schedule, each student is offered materials prepared specifically for him according to his current needs. The purpose of the classes is to provide an environment in which the student solves the problems posed to him by work and life. Results: reaching a more fluent level of language proficiency in network situations. We start from scratch, from level A1 or A2.

Italian Conversation in Dialogues and Monologues for Adults

Program schedule for levels A1-A2, B1-B2:

  • the required amount of grammar and vocabulary;

  • a cycle of dialogues, monologues (presentations, essays, letters) on probable situations;

  • reverse translation orally and in writing, dictations;

  • comprehension of the logical principles of using vocabulary and grammar in a specific area and region, immersion in native texts, rehearsing your own expected answers.

*The program schedule provides general guidelines. The plan for individual lessons, duration, days and hours of lessons, final price and form of payment (including payment in crypto) are discussed personally.

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Your programme: Italian Conversational in Dialogues and Monologues for Adults

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