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Make yourself at home, but there are some rules

Updated: Jan 24

School is programs, a system of steps that develops all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have been working for 10 years. We have two types of programs: individual and standard.

Individual programs are connected with the fact that each person's life is unique. We helped write and edit probably thousands of essays, articles and plans in English, no one counted them.

The second type of programs are standard, for those cases when a person intends to take exams, Cambridge, for example, PET, FCE, IELTS, an exam for air traffic controllers, or the American version - TOEFL. We have extensive experience in writing essays in English, as well as other types of written work.

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Or take the state exam in the Montenegrin language. People must prepare according to the standard, comprehensively, in order to receive official certificates for work and study, the right to live in Montenegro. For example, in order to work as a doctor or architect, you need to obtain permission for this by passing an exam in the Montenegrin language. And we successfully prepare, students pass such exams in the Montenegrin language with excellent results - B2.

The second point is that we take the type of human intelligence seriously and present the material accordingly. School is always some kind of technology of thought, and we have it. It has proven its validity, relevance and effectiveness completely. We do not impose on people what is not characteristic of them, but we give what serves their development in the best possible way. Learning English, Serbian, Italian is the way to another life.

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And the third element of the school is reputation. The school is trusted. Some schools are hundreds of years old. Every school has a founder, and schools in the Balkans, Europe and the Americas often bear the name of their founder. Well, why don't we do this, this is a personal and responsible attitude to business. This tradition began in antiquity, when students came to Archimedes, for example. And Archimedes applied his approach, and this approach worked, Archimedes was trusted, he had his own personal reputation.

Reputation can be different, for example, Einstein had his own certain reputation. And Nikola Tesla had a different reputation. This is some kind of stable property that is invariably present in a given person. And what is invariably present with us, which is characteristic of our reputation? People who successfully study English, Italian or Serbian with us invariably say: it is an interesting experience to be with you. It's not always easy to communicate with us, sometimes it's a challenge, life itself consists of solvable challenges. We are looking for a solution together.

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And the second point of our reputation is that we are very practical. We are not engaged in incomprehensible teaching of foreign languages, we are moving immediately towards the fulfilment of the task that our student faces in English, Serbian, Montenegrin. All people have a limited lifetime, they must have time to get what they want, we respect this and do not take it aside. And for this, we just take into account the type of intelligence of each student.

Were there students who didn't like it and left?

Yes, they were, of course. And it is important to immediately determine who we are not suitable for, so that neither we nor you waste time and effort in vain. We are not suitable for those who believe that the language can be put into tablets, rules, and voilà, you can just use the language. Any foreign language is always a different logic of thinking, this is reflected in grammar, in the order of words in a sentence, in the choice of synonyms. And if a person says: “I don’t need to change my logic, I just need to learn English or Serbian,” we say goodbye to such a person, he or she is not able to look through the eyes of native speakers of the language he is going to communicate, which means that he will distort this language. We say goodbye to such people. We cannot allow people to remain at the level of "my yours don't understand."

Also, we are not suitable for people who answer one word in a foreign language with thirty words in their native language. This is how some children and adults can do, they are trying to bring the lion's share of their self into the process. First, we offer them to express themselves in a foreign language if they have such a great need to express themselves. But since they have not listened to and do not know the basics of the foreign language, they cannot speak it. And we say goodbye to such people, because we teach communication in a foreign language. A person should be able to express himself in any language, but without distorting the foundations of this language, the success of communication depends on it.

We work online and offline, individually and in small groups.

To find out how and where we can help you, write to us in the chat or in the form on the main page.


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