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English in dialogues, monologues, essays, letters

English in dialogues, monologues, essays, letters
English in dialogues, monologues, essays, letters

The program is designed for those who work in English or simply like to communicate in English. Areas such as IT, marketing and advertising, finance, tourism, energy and ecology, hospitality and restaurants, real estate, law and others require professional knowledge of English, from interviewing and writing a resume to holding meetings and communicating with partners and clients. There are standards for each such case. For example, a Linux system administrator uses words that are not familiar or interesting to professionals in other fields. A luxury real estate realtor, in turn, must be able to negotiate with clients from London, using their accepted terms to describe objects. To master professional standards for using the English language, welcome to the program!

How classes are held: mostly online, according to a flexible schedule, each student is offered materials prepared specifically for him or her according to his or her current needs. The purpose of the lessons is to provide an environment in which the student solves the problems posed to him or her by work and life. Results: successful completion of the interview, achieving a level of fluency in the language in network situations.

English in dialogues, monologues, essays, letters

Program schedule for levels A1-A2, B1-B2:

  • the required amount of grammar and vocabulary;

  • a cycle of dialogues, monologues (presentations), essays, letters on probable situations;

  • reverse translation orally and in writing, dictations;

  • comprehension of the logical principles of using vocabulary and grammar in a specific area and region, immersion in native texts, rehearsing your own expected answers.

*The program schedule provides general guidelines. The plan for individual lessons, duration, days and hours of lessons, final price and form of payment (including payment in crypto) are discussed personally.

To arrange, please, write to the website chat or Facebook or Telegram

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