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Italian for schoolchildren and students

The program is designed for those schoolchildren and students who study Italian as a foreign language. Having moved or preparing to move to another country, studying abroad, a young person experiences a triple burden: new terms, a different mentality, different perspectives and assessment criteria. That's why you may need help.

An individual, strictly calibrated approach is applied to each student in accordance with the student’s situation. For example, you need to master art history and other subjects in Italian; for this, there are special materials that correspond to the program of the region of study. Another example is that students in Europe and America write essays on every subject every week. These essays must have a certain structure that still needs to be understood and mastered. Students also write final works at the end of each course, these can be projects, presentations, research articles of various types, marketing and business plans, operational plans. It is a good practise. However, the intensity of programs in schools and universities in Europe are very high. Therefore, help is needed.

A lesson plan for each schoolchild and student is drawn up individually, taking into account the student’s situation.

*The plan for individual lessons, duration, days and hours of lessons, final price and form of payment (including payment in crypto) are discussed personally.

To arrange, please, write to the website chat or Facebook or Telegram

Your programme: Italian for schoolchildren and students

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