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What our students think of us

When I was a child, my mom sent me to the English learning classes. I won’t lie, I hated them. Each topic was unclear for me. I was just exploring basic, ‘soft’ grammar without any hint that I will ever be able to speak English, not to mention start a conversation. Such a life continued until the 6th grade, when I found this language fancy for me. Then, our teacher said that she had no time to teach us anymore (the classes took place in groups).

Throughout the 7th grade, I learned this language only at school. My level was quite low. The 8th grade brought to me an understanding of what I want – to speak and write English fluently and pass the school exams successfully. As I scrolled the web, I found my future tutor, Elena V Buran. I remember our first class. My voice was trembling so badly, and I haven't made it very well to read an essay Elena gave me, but she said that I will learn everything overtime.

And she was right! Her approach to work was so effective that within a month after we started, I began to understand what my favorite singers Adele, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift sang about. After another two months, I could watch TV series without problems, although, of course, I found many unfamiliar words. At the same time, I could pronounce short phrases and sentences.

My English study with Elena V Buran has been going on for 4 years. I was able to learn a lot: now I don’t just mean speaking and reading, but the fact that I learned to read books, almost without looking for an unknown word in Google translator, and that I can watch episodes of my favorite TV series without pauses.

As for one of the state exams, the OGE, I managed to pass it with a score of 65 out of 68 points, and the second one, the EGE, will begin later. I loved English. It has become not a burden, but a unique key to all the doors. As I search for the information both in Russian and English, I can analyze it from different standpoints. Not to mention that English studies drive my personality and brain. Elena has not only become a teacher but a mentor for me. Her knowledge and life course amaze me. She is someone I can look up to as an example.

Valeria Sh.


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