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Serbian (or Montenegrin) language from scratch for adults conversational scenes

Course benefits:

- Grammar and the logic of its application are mastered in the context of actual conversational scenes, with the explanation of the grammar rules and practice.

- Explanations of the logic of the grammar and words usage allows you to understand the mentality of native speakers, put yourself in their place

- Training of all 4 language skills: the student listens to the speech of native speakers, reads, writes and speaks

- A special technique allows you to start speaking in the volume of conversational scenes, likely in the third month of study

- After studying the basic grammar and vocabulary, the topics of professional subjects are studied

· The amount and form of payment fee for studying the Serbian (Montenegrin) language is calculated flexibly, individually, for this you need to contact us by writing to the website chat or filling out the form on the main page. We take care of you, understanding your situation

Course program

The alphabet of the Serbian (Montenegrin) language and its origin, pronunciation features

Forms and role of the verb biti (to be) in the Serbian (Montenegrin) language

In what grammatical forms of the Serbian (Montenegrin) language, the verb biti is needed as an auxiliary (past tense and passive voice)

Present tense forms of verbs in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Forms of the future tense of verbs in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Conditional forms of verbs in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Modal verbs in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Serbian (Montenegrin) cases

Prepositions of place in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Prepositions of time in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Countable and uncountable nouns, singular and plural forms of nouns in the Serbian (Montenegrin) language

Forms of comparisons (e.g. beautiful, more beautiful than, most beautiful) in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Linking words, conjunctions in Serbian (Montenegrin)

The practice of listening to native Serbian (Montenegrin) speakers

The practice of speaking in Serbian (Montenegrin) on topics according to international standards for learning foreign languages for exams

Writing in Serbian (Montenegrin)

Reading texts with translation on the topics of the subjects studied in Serbian (Montenegrin)

*Our students successfully pass the state exams in the Serbian (Montenegrin) language at level B2

To check the availability of opportunities to enrol in a course, write to the website chat or fill out the form on the main page


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