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I think I'm serious

I think I'm serious enough to read a lot. I read books and articles, it can be novels, journalism or scientific articles. I like reading about insects. Especially ants are my favourite topic.

First, ants are a whole system of living beings, they live in a colony, as a single organism. Involuntarily, comparison with people community comes to mind. After all, people live in cities, like ants live in anthills. And even recently a word for this was invented - a man-hill, by analogy with an anthill. You can learn a lot from ants, such as cooperation and coordination of actions, role distribution within the community. Importantly, observing ants provides an opportunity to see at scale the interactions of living beings in a community.

However, a comparison of the ant and human communities makes it possible to see the gamut of differences between the two systems. It can be assumed that there are boundaries between healthy systemic behaviour and unhealthy ones. Let us suggest that the ant system, as natural, is an example of relatively healthy behaviour. We see that ants, with any number and set of roles and tasks, are much more united than people. Ants always behave like unity. For example, ants living on rocks, in a field, and under a tree behave cheerfully in order to provide the entire community with food and shelter. People, it would seem, also provide themselves with food, energy, shelter. But we can see that people experience depression, fall into bad habits, experience deviations in social behaviour. It looks like the comparison of an anthill and a man-hill is not in favour of people.

In general, I rather observe the behaviour of communities, such as insect colonies and human communities, for now. This gives me a lot of insights and opportunities to understand the general patterns of life on earth. I can see the limitations and prospects of development. At the same time, I clearly understand the limits that people set for their development. I believe this can be improved by closely observing the insects.


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