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Being a rational

Being a rational and logical person, I think a lot. I think about the causes of events, about the motives of people's behaviour, what drives actions. And of course, I think about how I can act, react or initiate.

On the one hand, thinking a lot means being a critic of any events and actions. So, I criticize most of the time. I criticize myself, my relatives, friends, people in general. However, some time ago I came to understanding that one cannot only criticize and analyse. More precisely, analysis can be associated not only with limiting the wrong, but analysis and rationalization can be associated with bringing balance and equilibrium to any system. You can restructure all resources, turn things around in a different direction, make processes more fruitful. But this is the most difficult, it requires creative thinking and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, it turns out that my rationality and analysis puts me on the verge of giving up my rationality, which I cannot do. But what I can do is change the quality of my rationality to a more positive one. From a critic to become an investor and provide support. In the end, my parents, as an example, at their best are investors in children, philanthropists, a support team. Also, people who are less rational receive impulses of energy, and these can be bright intuitive insights, or they can be destructive actions. And you can learn from the first, and you have to deal with the last.

In general, my rationality requires being balanced with intuition and relationships with people and also with emotions. And I decided that let it be good and healthy relationships and emotions, and let intuition help me be creative. And I intend to observe other people and learn from them what I do not know in my own way, in order to be an organizer of success for everyone.


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