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What if I am a designer

I think of myself as a designer. You can be a designer by nature, by talent, but also by competences. There is a design for everything in the world, it's just a way of expressing an idea in the form of an image, diagram, drawing, painting, interior or exterior. Designers can be different.

A natural designer, I think, is someone who brings beauty and harmony to everything he or she deals with. For example, the design of an experiment means that all elements of the experiment can lead to the expected result. But does this mean that the design of a bad or deadly experiment also brings some harmony or even beauty, and the designer himself becomes just the perfect killer? What then to do with the statement that a beauty can not be a bad thing. How to call those who create the design of weapons? This remains unclear to me. It will probably be a matter of moral choice sooner or later.

A designer by talent, I think, exactly the one that always creates and devotes his life to creation. Talent is a relative of love and intuition, and therefore talent cannot be evil or destructive. I don't know a single designer loved by people, who isn't talented and doesn't try to express love and his understanding of happiness and success. A talented designer makes people happier, even though it sometimes looks bizarre, but it is always creation, not destruction. Although it is clear that any creation introduces restrictions on destructive things and this can cause tension.

A competent designer is the one who is trained to be a designer. The talent may not be very bright. The person may not be too inclined to express his thoughts in images or scenes by nature, but he still chose to do so for a number of reasons. This may be the influence of parents, the market, the living environment, society or living conditions.

In general, I think that a happy and productive designer is someone who loves to create and does it with love and talent, which is ideal. Such a designer will be happy. However, you also need to be a competent designer. You need to know the requirements of the market, the conditions of society and the living environment, and meet the expectations of parents and teachers. And this can lead to a success. For me, it is better to get both - happiness and success.


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