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What I think about myself

When I think about myself, who I am, it's hard to articulate, but I think I'm a team leader, a project leader. I think so for a number of reasons, which I intend to explain.

I think a leader is someone who sees an idea from start to finish. The leader at the very beginning receives an impulse of creative energy, and all he does is trying to realize the idea, investing the energy that he has received. Therefore, the leader appears everywhere, at every stage of the implementation of his idea. For that, he is a leader.

On the other hand, the leader cannot fully realize his plan. The initial idea acquires useful details and takes on real forms often during the process, in exchange with friends, when discussing ways to implement. For example, my script for a video film was fully discussed with my friend, and only after that we got what became a real film. In communication, the idea rolls like a snowball. Although, the original idea in the team work may receive some changes, and some of the material needs to be updated and even removed. We cut out some fragments of our film, in the end. At the same time, teamwork leads to insights that last longer than if the leader did everything alone.

In general, the leader is the one who leads the whole game energetically, cheerfully, inspiringly. However, the leader needs a team to stay in the process of creation longer and be brighter. In addition, teamwork makes any work more interesting, viable and diverse.


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