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20 years later

- Hi

- Hi

- Sorry for disturbing

- What do you want?

- Matilde, Saturday is my birthday and I wanted to invite you to my party

- At your party? And what makes you think I want to go there?

- I… well, I'm sorry

- See Fabio, I understood that you like me and that you want to be my friend like everyone else in class. But you see, I'm sorry, I can never be because I don't go to the party of people like you and as you know I'm the queen of the school, and you can never be my king. Look, my mom has arrived, and so I have to go to dance. Bye!

20 years later

- Thank you dear, thank you

- You are welcome

- Very kind as always.

- Here

- Matilde, did you see who is sitting there?

- No

-That, I don't remember his name, but he is a famous DJ, yes he has had a lot of success abroad and here he is depopulating with a hit

- But is that the one of the songs we've been singing since this summer?

- Exactly!

- Let's show him. Well, cute

- Yup

- I would marry someone like that

- Of course

- Anyway, since we arrived, he's been staring at you constantly

- Yup? Beautiful as I am

- Absolutely, honey. If I were you, I would go to meet him

- You say?

- Yup

- Well, today could be his lucky day

- So let's do this, I'm leaving now, and then you tell me

- I will let you know

- Yes, bye

- Bye, love

- Bye, honey

- Hello

- Hello

- I can sit down, right?

- Of course

- Pleasure, I'm Matilde, and sorry for disturbing you, but you know I recognized you and I wanted to compliment you. You are truly a great artist

- Did you recognize me?

- Sure, you're famous. Everyone knows you. Listen, tonight I'm throwing a party for my birthday in a super exclusive location with only top selected people, you know how it is?! And I was wondering if you'd like to come and get to know us better

- You haven't really changed

- I don't understand.

- You didn't recognize me, did you?

- What do you mean?

- I'm Fabio. Your elementary school classmate, do you remember the short, awkward, shy one you didn't want to be friends with

- Are you Fabio? Ah, but.. Congratulations! You've grown up really well. Well, come on, I was a kid and kids make mistakes.

- Of course. And they can also do a lot of harm if they want to. And that's why it's up to us adults to educate them not to judge superficially by their physical appearance or their character

- And in fact we can now fix it

- No, I'm not interested. In fact, I'm not interested in you

- Sorry?

- In life I have learned that there is nothing more dangerous than an adult who has never educated his infantile part to listen before speaking, to observe and know before sentencing, but above all not to judge the appearance of people without any empathy, but with arrogance and superficiality. Remember that what you do to others you also do to yourself, and now I'm sorry, but I have to go, my girlfriend is waiting for me


We teach our children to appreciate life, to observe it in all its nuances, to observe people as unique. This will make them richer and more beautiful inside by freeing them from the shackles of judgment. We teach them and therefore ourselves that respect for others starts with respect for our person, for our individuality, and this certainly lays the foundations for a better society in the future

- If you have a story to tell us, write it below in the comments, and you could inspire us for the next videos

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