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Healing through forgiveness

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

- Doctor, I've been waiting for this meeting for weeks. What news?

- I know, unfortunately, all the results of the tests arrived only yesterday. So..

- When you say so, I already know that it's not good news

- Sergio, I...

- Doctor, tell me, I'm ready

- Unfortunately, the tests confirmed a deterioration

- Therapy doesn't work?

- No.

- And there is nothing more to do?

- Your syndrome is extremely rare and… Unfortunately, all treatments are experimental

- So, you are telling me that I have to prepare for the worst?

- I do not know what to say. I would like to do more, but for your case there are very few specialists in the world. And by the way, I don't even know who to address it to. And then we don't even have enough time

- You don't have to apologize, you did .. all that you could or that is now in your abilities. The time has come for me to resign myself..


- Cecilia, don't do that

- I know, sorry Sergio. I know I shouldn't cry. The thing is that I can not hold back the tears. How can I imagine my life without you? Come on, we grew up together. You are my best friend.

- When you say that, you make me cry too. Come on, please, no more, otherwise I will not be able to stop... Ceci, I have to ask your forgiveness

- Forgiveness for what?

- I don't know exactly, but I certainly haven't always behaved very well with you throughout my life. So I apologize.

- But stop it, you don't have to apologize for anything

- I have a desire. Before I leave

- Which is that?

- I would like to apologize to all the people I treated badly during

my life. Would you help me?

- Of course. What should I do?

- The list is a bit long, but I would like to start with that classmate of ours, the one I treated badly, we always made fun of, made fun of him. I don't remember what was his name

- Wait.. ah I remember, Giacomo.

- That's right. When I think about that period, I am still ashamed of what I did

- You know who can have his contact? My friend Stella

- Can you call her?

- Right away, immediately. I go

- Ceci, you are my best friend

- You too

- I go to call


- You know, I was really amazed by your call yesterday

- Well, I guess

- I wasn't sure I wanted to come, it all seemed very strange to me and I still can't understand why you made me come here

- Listen, Giacomo, I have to ask your forgiveness

- Forgiveness? I never expected it from you

- I hurt you a lot when we were little, and to this day I am ashamed of what I did to you. And so, do you forgive me?

- Well, actually those were hard years for me. I remember that I didn't want to go to school because of you because you scared me. But you know what?! I'm glad of what you're telling me. Yes, I forgive you

- Thanks, Giacomo! You don't know how much lighter I am feeling now

- Well, I'm glad. Why were you asking me for forgiveness today?

- I am going through a very difficult period now, but at the same time it has helped me to reflect on many mistakes I have made. And I'm realizing that the only desire I have is to ask for forgiveness from all the people I've wronged in the past.

- Nice to make peace with your past. Anyway, I hope it's nothing serious

- But no, unfortunately, it's serious. I'm dying.

- How are you dying? What's going on with you?

- it is a very rare syndrome, for which definitive treatments are not yet known. Specialists are few and hard to find. I have to resign myself to the worst

- What syndrome is it?

- it's a syndrome I didn't even want to learn by name, wait. Yes, but I should have gotten the medical reports on my mobile. Maybe try to take a look at it but... you wouldn't understand much

- No, no, let me see. .. Incredible

- Incredible, what?

- Do you know what I do?

- No

- I am a doctor. And do you know what specialization I have?

- No.

- Rare diseases, specifically this one

- Are you joking? You are making a fool of me?

- No, absolutely. I'm very serious, in fact I'll tell you more, we still have time to start therapy. But there isn't a second to lose

- And would you be willing to cure me and help me?

- Yes, of course.

- Incredible, I never imagined such a thing. Look at the case

- Your experience has put you in a position to ask for forgiveness from

people you have hurt. This gesture brought you to me, and today you are saving your life by this. Because basically, a case doesn't exist by itself, and everything is connected.

- Thanks, Giacomo!

- Now it's better to go to my study.


- Most of the stories in our videos are inspired by real facts happened and if you are the one who has such too, you could inspire us for the next video

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