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Attraction and compatibility

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

- You know ... I'm dating a guy

- Ah, yes .. Well, come on, tell me how are you ...

- To tell the truth, I don't know how to explain it, it's…. overwhelming!

- Mmmhhh ...

- I mean, when I'm with him, something lights up inside me, even though I've only recently known him ...

- It's like you've known him forever

- Yes, that's right ... I feel like he's the man for me!

- Be careful, my friend, this is an attraction. It takes much more to say that he is the man of your life.

- And what it takes more? Vale, it's the first time I've felt something so strong!

- Listen ... why don't you come to my house for dinner? I'd like to meet him.

- All right!!

- So let's do it ... at 8 at my house, okay? I recommend being punctual ... as always

- You know I'm the only punctual woman on the face of the earth

- Yup…


- Hey!!!

- Good evening!!

- You are a blast ... he will be out of breath... But where...?

- Ehhh ... I'm actually alone, he's going to be later

- Ah ... Ok .. Come, enter.


- Hey!

- Hello! Come in, we've been waiting for you to eat

- But why, don't we go out to eat?

- No .. we like to be housewives! Pleased to meet you, Valeria.

- Okay ... nice to see you, Luca.


- So, Luca, tell us a little about yourself ... What do you like to do?

- Bah .. going out with friends

- Is my opposite, huh? Instead, I like to be at home with friends

- Well, but if you don't go out a bit, what's the point?

- We like to be comfortable at home… We play a lot of party games!

- Ah .. I hate them. I don't even play bingo at Christmas!

- What? Do you betray traditions?

- I have dinner, then I join my friends, and we go… to the disco!

- No, please ... not to dance

- I hate clubs! All crowded, together to dance like this ...

- Sorry, guys ... Elena, will you come with me for a moment? ... Listen .. I think we should end ...

- What do you mean?

- We only do the things you like

- What are you saying? But we were drinking yesterday with your friends and I felt totally embarrassed and out of place!

- Exactly, how I feel now and when we do the things you want.

- Sorry, that's the way it is for me too, but we could find a meeting point somewhere in between, right?

- Listen, love doesn't have to be a sacrifice, it is, if anything, an added value.

- But, you can't build a healthy relationship without a little effort on both sides

- No, listen, .. we think differently, it is better if we end it like this! Ok? It was nice to meet you anyway. Bye


- Come on, enter.

- You see, my friend, what I was trying to tell you is ... Attraction is not enough, you see, Riccardo and I have been together for some time. Of course, there is attraction between us, but there are other things as well. We've been through a lot together. And every time we came up with what we had in common. And I'm not talking about tastes, but… about life goals and values. Being on the same page. Without that we wouldn't have gone far. So what I wanted to tell you is ... The attraction is the flame, but ... It is the compatibility that keeps it alight! You understand? Come on

- Thank you


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