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Who is up to your evening

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

- Hey! What are you doing around here?

- But, he has something to do with you?

- No, no, he must have mistaken me for someone else, let's go.

- Oh yes, I often mistake you for ...

- Oh! But how dare you get your hands on him, sorry?... Love, how disgusting! I mean, look at it! Feel how it stinks! Say something!

- No, he doesn't do anything. Go off

- Yes ... look at the jacket. Check that he hasn't dirtied you.

- No, it's not dirty. Let's go

- Let's go ... Now you really need a shower, huh


- Hello, Ale. My back is in pieces. You have no idea how much garbage I had to pick up off the ground today. But what does it cost to people to take a walk and throw the garbage in the appropriate bins? Tell me

- Maybe if they weren't always full, one would throw it into.

- But what's that got to do with it? If you see that a bin is full, take a few more meters and throw it elsewhere. Do you know what the problem is? It is that people do not stop to reflect that behind the services they have available there is the work of other people and often the more humble this work is, the more they take it for granted, it is incredible! Anyway ... what am I going to make you for dinner? You know, your mom works the night shift today. I'll handle that

- No, it's nothing, I'm going to eat a pizza

- Ah! All right. You need money

- Um, yes ...

- Here you are… Take it, Ale ... Is it enough?

- Y-yes ... Except that Ambra and I go to a new club downtown and ... Okay, don't worry, I'll make it enough

- Here, 50 euros for a pizza. Look, I guess she's the girl you were with today. I really hope this girl is up to your evening, Ale

- Dad, about today I wanted to tell you that ..

- Don't worry, don't tell me anything. I can understand, you were with a very beautiful girl, very sophisticated, and maybe it's not easy to introduce a dirty and stinky father.

- So you weren't offended?

- Oh, I was disappointed very much, too. But you know, Ale, when one day you will be a father you too will understand that the pain I felt today did not depend so much on the fact that you were ashamed of me, but on the fact that as a father I was not able to pass on those values ​​to you that could allow you not to be ashamed of me. Ale, you must know that an ecological operator or a waiter, whom I know, are no less than a notary, a lawyer or a doctor, eh ..

- Yeah, but… would you rather see me as a lawyer than see me smelly and with dirt on my hands

- Absolutely! I hope that you become the best lawyer in the world. But do you know why? Because when one day I will no longer be there I want to think of you sheltered from the wickedness and superficiality of people, but first of all I would like you to become the best person in the world and for this you should respect people especially for their sacrifices and not only for their achievements

- Beautiful words. But you yourself wanted me to continue studying because you know very well that people only respect you for the work you do

- Ale, you are my son and I will always love you, regardless of everything, even if today you denied saying me "hello" because you were ashamed of me. But one day you will be strong enough to go beyond these social weaknesses. Well then, in addition to loving you, I will also be proud of you. Look, I'm going to take a nice shower because I really need it. You have fun and don't be late. All right?


- This place is horrible. That is, explain to me why you took me to such a place? Here ... one thing they have to do, not to miss that

- I can see.

- Think, if they were to have children, they are fathers who in life do not know how to do anything else but serve people, and think what a life their wives lead

- They may not have a lot of money, but they are fine. Amber don't stop at the appearance

- In fact, I do not stop at the appearance I stop at the matter, and in essence they have nothing at all. Indeed ... I hope that one day you will be able to offer me a dinner based on caviar, truffle ... and not a banal pizza

- Look, this banal pizza will cost me 50 euros

- Well, well, should I be impressed? My father gives them a tip of 50 euros. Here, probably today's garbage collector could boast of such a thing. I need people who can live up to my life

- Yes, you are right. I also need a person equal to me, and…. I realized that I don't like the life I'm leading with you

- What? Since when is this news?

- Since I decided to be up to my father, the garbage man of before.

- What? Is your father a street sweeper?

- No, I am the son of an extraordinary man who works as a street cleaner, a man who taught me not to judge people for the results they get, also you should learn to respect people for their sacrifices and not just for their successes

- You talk just like them, you know? Please, tell me you want to leave me

- No, I already left you. Ah .. let you find someone at your height who takes you to get the caviar because I will bring the pizzas to my home


- Ale! But what are you already doing at home? Everything is fine?

- I understand who is up to my evening. It's you, dad. Excuse me


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