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Naive husband

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

- Tell me what it means, please? Two thousand euros, love... what did you spend it on? Love… Two thousand euros is really a lot. Tell me how you spent it

- Honey, I invested them in a major project. I didn't tell you anything because I knew you wouldn't let me. But trust me, it is a great opportunity for both of us, and we will no longer have to worry about how much we spend and not even be afraid of not being able to make it to the end of the month. Come on, trust me, I'll make you live the life of a princess

- Massimo, I appreciate everything you want to do for me, for us. But I'm fine, I don't want to have millions. It is enough for me to have a dignified life with you.

- Lorenzo was right

- Are you still meeting him? Here you are. I understand where the €2,000 has gone. Massimo, he's just making fun of you. Please don't be influenced by him, he is always involved in strange circles, he is a scammer

- But who, Lorenzo? Come on, you should call him an entrepreneur. It is true that he takes his risks, but only because he invests his money differently. He can't be called a scammer.

- Of course, yes. Too bad, he invests our money and not his

- Listen, but what I am talking about is counting, you have a closed mind, and I'm tired of this trivial life. I need to elevate myself, but you are content with little, and I am destined for greater things.

- Love, try to reason, you should know where your money is going

- I don't want to be like you, Valentina. I repeat that you are satisfied with little. I no longer want to think about how and how much I spend. I want to be free. Free.

- Okay, but you need to know where to invest your money and not throw it away

- You still keep criticizing me, huh? But what do you think, huh? Do you want to be a child, who doesn't know what I'm doing?

- No, I'm not saying that, but the shortest way is not always the best

- Listen, it's all useless, you don't understand. But I tell you, eh... don't come and apologize when you start to see some money, eh. Valentina, don't come and apologize

- Massimo, please


- Oi, Lorenzo!

- Oi!

- Hello, my friend, how are you?

- Everything is fine! Look, I can't wait to see that money pay off

- And that's why I wanted to see you. Are you ready to hear a bombshell?

- I'm here just for you

- Good

- Do you remember the two thousand euros we invested?

- Well? Have they become ten already?

- Only, are you satisfied if they tell you that they could become 100,000 or 200?

- No, well. Are you serious?

- You see, I was evaluating your investment and I calculated that if we increase the budget by about two thousand euros, the profit goes up considerably, we can reach ... two hundred thousand euros, in your account!

- The fact, friend, is that I don't ... I don't think I have that amount available at the moment. Two thousand euro. Then I also had a lot of arguments with my wife

- Massimo, you are still listening to your wife. You are intelligent, you have brains, you do not need her approval on that... Okay, come on, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, ten thousand euros is a good profit anyway. I was saying it for you because occasions like this never happen, but don't worry. Look, I delete your name here

- Wait, wait, wait. Look, what do you think of this. It has a very high value and pure black

- Could go, yes. But, do you also have more gold? So maybe I'll have it evaluated and let's see if putting everything together we reach the sum

- My wife may have some, but it's her things, I don't ...

- What do you care, take them! Look, your wife will thank you when she sees the money you made. Then you will buy jewellery

- And what am I telling you? You're right, indeed, look, maybe I'll take them secretly

- Yes! But hurry up, eh. Because these offers expire quickly. Let's do this: let's meet tonight and bring me everything you have, so I can evaluate it well

- All right

- It's late. I have another appointment. Well, come on, see you later then. Bye, handsome! Thanks for the coffee, huh!

- Don't mention it!


- Sit down, I need to talk to you. Let's talk, honey

- What have you done? You sold my faith, our faith. How could you do it?

- Honey, I did it for us, to improve our future. Excuse me…

- Then why are you apologizing?

- Because... I was scammed.

- What?

- Lorenzo has disappeared and with him the rings, the money. He didn't show up for the appointment we had at the bar. The number is non-existent. You were right

- What? No, that can't be true. This is not really happening.

- Honey, I'll do everything to track him down. I have also already been filing a complaint.

- We had to come to this for you to notice, right? How can I trust you?

- Look, I did a stupid thing. And I realized I did a horrible thing. But I need your support now.

- Massimo, I don't know... I don't know if I can trust you anymore.

- Valentina, but I love you, you know this, right? Not everything is lost, and then you know very well that there are not two rings that represent our love. Trust me

- I don't know, Massimo, you made it too serious

- Hey, hey… look me in the eye. I love you. I am just a fool, I tried to make some easy money but ... but the shortest way is not always the best, you were right. You were right, and I understood it, and from today on I will behave differently. And, there are no doubts... I will follow your advice.

- But well, look, it won't be that simple.

- I can imagine, but I'm ready for anything, just have faith. Come here.


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