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Attitude towards wife

Updated: Jan 26

- You know, yesterday Roberto took me to a restaurant with a new concept

- For real? And what is the concept?

- Basically it is a restaurant where couples go to eat. But in the meantime they also take care of a flower that they make available

- So wait, if I understand you, you pay to be their gardener

- But no ... it's for the meaning. It's like remembering that ... that a relationship is like a flower. And if you want it to shine, you have to give it a little attention every day. I'm going to make coffee

- I come with you to help

- You heard, Fabio .. It is fantastic. You think you could take me there?

- And what is the occasion I have to bring you for?

- Nothing ... I just wanted to go out with you, and maybe, you know, ... a romantic date

- A romantic date. But come on, beware

- What? What do you mean?

- That you're a zombie, Honey, that's what I mean. Where should I take you looking so gloomy?

- You know, I've just finished work and haven't had time to do anything

- No ... I'm not just referring to now. I refer to always. You know, I remember when I married you, at the time you looked like a supermodel and now look at yourself. Honestly, I would be ashamed to take you anywhere for now

- It's not fair at all, Fabio ... you say some horrible things. I really don't have the time between work, taking care of our house, and you dare to tell me such a thing

- Please, please, it is not an excuse. There are millions of women who are like you, do the same activities as you and still are beautiful

- Here I am…

- It's in the process

- Sorry, guys, I have to leave

- Come on,.. let's go

- Giada… Wait

- So, your wife has put in her head the idea that she has to water the flowers, and now she comes to push me away?

- Why don't you bring her back. Brother, here the chatter is not helping ... come on. Your wife… sure, she knows how to take care of herself. She always smiles… My wife, on the other hand, always seems unhappy, now she neglects herself. Of course, if I had a wife like yours too, I'd like to take care of flowers with her, too

- Can I ask you how long you haven't taken your wife out on a date?

- One year

- One year? For real? For a year, you don't take her out on a date, and now you complain that she doesn't laugh, she neglects herself

- We didn't have any special occasions

- But what do you mean you didn't have any special occasion? It is you who can make every day special. You see ... if my wife is always happy .. If she laughs, it's because I too do everything to make her feel appreciated. I invent exciting new things every day to make her feel loved. If you see her like that, she takes care, she dresses well, it is because I too do everything to give her reasons. And even when she doesn't, I still care if she feels appreciated. My friend, .. she is just like a flower. You have to take care every day if you want that flower to shine. And maybe she just needs some water

- I don't know ... I ... No one had ever talked to me like you. But maybe you are right

- Katia, do you know where Giada is?

- She went home

- Okay, guys, I really have to go ... You know, what ... I want to make this day special


- Honey… I'm sorry for what I said today

- Never mind ... Anyway, I think you need to find for yourself someone ... with a better look than mine

- Hey ... look at me. I told you I'm sorry. I was wrong. Indeed, I promise you that from today I will be the husband you deserve. And to start with, I also got something for you

- But it's a dress ... It's beautiful

- And it is for the evening.

- This evening? Why? What happens tonight?

- Let's say I'll take you out for dinner. We have to take care of our flower.

- For real? And what is special today?

- We don't need a special day. From now on, every day will be a special day


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