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Gallantry, Conversational English

Updated: Jan 23

- It was a nice evening.

- Yes.

- Excuse me, what are you doing?

- It's on me

- I have a well-paid job, I can very well afford it.

- I don't doubt it, but... I invited you, it's on me

- No, maybe... maybe I wasn't clear. I'm independent, I pay for my own things

- Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just wanted to be nice.

- Ah, this is your way of being nice? Trying to make me feel like I'm a kept woman. I hate this thing that you want to make us feel inferior. What's the next step? You want me to be a housewife

- But.. it's not that, I just wanted to be kind. It can be done to both a man and a woman, it's gallantry

- No, it's not gallantry, this gesture is chauvinist's. It divides man and woman

- I didn't think offering a drink could mean this

- Because you are used to the woman who accepts being inferior. But I'm not so. And anyway, I have to go now.

- Wait. I can offer you a ride

- Thanks, but I don't need the driver. I can easily do it on my own.

- OK, sorry. Let me at least offer you this

- Look, this is too much. If you think you can win over a real woman with this fake gallantry, you are truly wrong

- Can you tell me what I should do? It seems like the only relationship you want is with yourself

- Excuse me?

- Today, a man no longer knows how to… demonstrate interest in a girl who is immediately to accuse. How do you think we should behave?

- Starting by considering ourselves as equals. Instead of doing things like we need you

- But no one says you need us. And if someone is gallant to you, it's not to scare you or make you feel weak. It's just an extra gesture

- Look, these are for the drink. See you Prince Charming


- How did it go last night?

- Oh, nothing. I was wrong about that guy. He thinks I'm a sissy who necessarily needs a man by his side

- What do you mean?

- Can I give you a hand?

- Oh, thank you, very kind

- Mom!

- What's up'?

- Sorry.. I just saw that you were carrying heavy things and I wanted to do a

cute gesture

-No, thanks, we don't need your help, we can easily do it on our own

- Federica!

- Well, sorry... I just wanted to be kind

- Not because we are females means we are weak

- Fede, do you realize how rude you were to that gentleman? He just wanted to give us a hand, it's a kind gesture

- So what? What does it mean? We don't need a man to do all this, mom, it's humiliating!

- That's not the point. He just wanted to give us a hand without getting anything in return. Listen to me, Federica, please. If a man is gallant with a woman, with any other person, he doesn't do it to make you feel weaker or to make you believe that he is superior to who knows what. Okay? A man knows that you can do it alone. So he doesn't do it for this, it's to give you attention and to make you feel that he cares about giving you pleasure. Every now and then you let it happen and take it as a cuddle. Okay? Because it's not an insult, it's a pleasure and a demonstration. If someone is courteous to you, they don't do it to make you feel weaker. Indeed, it is an additional gesture. And in any case it's not that only a man can be gallant, a woman could also be gallant if we want to put it on equal terms

- What does it mean?

- Look at that girl?

- Oh well?

- Do you want equality? So go there and try to be gallant too

- Hi! Can I give you a hand?

- Thank you! I'd love that! They are very heavy! I'm trying to move alone,

- I can imagine…

- It's rare to find someone willing to lend you a hand. Okay. Let's see... Oh, we did it. Thank you, you were really very kind.

- It was a pleasure. Hi

- Hi

- So? What was it like to be gallant?

- You were right. I understood that gallantry is not just from a man towards a woman, and it is truly an added quality. Now… I have to do something

- Okay..

- Hey, sorry about yesterday. I understand that the things you did are not to make me feel Inferior. And it doesn't mean I'm weak if I accept a man doing me kindnesses. Because in the same way, I could do it with someone else. If you want, you can buy me that drink if you like. I understand... if someone is gallant to you, he isn't doing it to make you feel weaker. Indeed, it is an added advantage


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