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Trust in Business

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

- So, due to these problems, the company is not having a good time. Unfortunately, I am forced to tell you that we will not be able to pay you company bonuses for the goals you will achieve. But at the same time I ask you with my heart in hand to give us the utmost confidence and to continue giving your best because it is only thanks to your help and your commitment that we can get out of this situation. Thanks for understanding.

- How disgusting! But you have heard how arrogant she comes to say that we must sacrifice ourselves without having any reward.

- It didn't really seem arrogant to me. On the contrary ... I saw her very mortified.

- Mortified? But what mortified! Does she come to tell us that the company is failing, and we have to make sacrifices? As if we were the ones responsible. The company is her, isn't it? If she has not been able to manage the money, it should be her to put it back.

- I don't really see it this way. It's true that I have been working here for less time than you, but she has always seemed correct and reliable to me.

- Yes, that's right, she has always done a lot for us employees

- Okay, let's forget it. The fault is mine that I still talk to you, who still smell of milk. I've been in here for twenty years and I bet that now she thinks we'll play her game, she's jumping for joy.

- But she only asked for a little time, let's trust her

- But what confidence? These are the classic entrepreneurs. Huh? Those who exploit us give us a salary with which we barely make it to the end of the month, and they get rich.

- It also hard to me not to receive company awards anymore. But it is in our best interest to prevent the company from going bankrupt. See, it depends on how you look at things

- Right! One thing you said well, it depends on how you look at it, and I look at it that I will not do even a minute of overtime from now on

- Listen ... sometimes we should be able to trust if we want it to be reciprocated.

Fausto begins to lose the points of his work lightly, regardless of the difficulties that the company is forced to go through, while his colleagues continue to give their best. Fausto always arrives late and as soon as working hours are over he doesn't hesitate a second to leave everything and go away, having passed on even more work to his colleagues who with commitment and dedication also work extended hours to try to raise the situation and not stay without a job


- Good! And I did mine for today too. I recommend you, eh, ... continue! Continue to work hours and hours of overtime that will never be recognized, how cute.

- Good evening, everyone! And excuse me for the hours, I know that ... working hours have been over for a while, but now I am from the bank. Unfortunately, a company has cheated us a large sum and ... despite your efforts, we have not been able to amortize it. So the company is still in crisis. But I really appreciated the trust you have placed in the company. I really thank you for it!

- As if it did any good.

- I also noticed the commitment you put into it despite not having the incentive of the company award, and it is for this reason that thanks to your proposals there are seven companies that want to make use of your advice

- No, I did not understand…. So does that mean you don't have to close?

- Exactly! Obviously the recovery will be slow but… with your tenacity and new partners, we will cover the costs. And then there is also a novelty regarding company bonuses

- That is? Will they be reinstated?

- No, better! We have decided to… return the trust you have given us by recognizing a percentage for each contract that you… will sign with new partners.

- Well, this is a very good thing! And well ... When will the first contract be?

- I'm sorry, but you didn't work with them on the development plan, so you won't be a part of it.

- Excuse me, maybe I didn't understand ... Are you saying that after twenty years, you are killing me?

- No, you killed yourself because, you see, you preferred to give up in difficulty, while Claudia and her colleague instead saw a stimulus to try to find a solution to the problem. You see, it all depends on how you look at things. Remember, sometimes we need to know how to trust if we want it to be reciprocated. And anyway, the company is not in good water now, and I know for sure that I cannot rely on you anymore. Congratulations, guys! Thank you!

- Thanks to you!

- Thank you!

- Thanks for joining us! We hope you enjoyed the story, by sharing this video you can also have an impact in someone's life, giving a strong message.

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