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The father saw his son differently / Say it in Italian

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

- But still wasting time on this nonsense?

- Dad, but this is the ...

- What do you want me to care about? You have to find a job! We have a mortgage to pay

- Exactly, in fact, actually I was ..

- I - what? But you understand that if we don't find the money we have to sell the house, move

- Yes, in fact, I was saying that ...

- What? But do like your brother graduate, working in America. And you? To make these squiggles. To waste time on these things that you don't even understand what it is

- Dad, I believe in the things I do, and I had in mind to sell some of my designs to help you

- You? Help me? But if you are my biggest disappointment. If you want to help me - get a job, get your head right! So you won't get far


- Well, in short. I seem to have shown you everything. What .. What do you think?

- I'm sorry, Mr. Luigi, but ... It's not exactly the kind of house I was looking for

- No, but look, this house has great potential. Look at the living room, it is bright, spacious. Look, frankly, I need to sell, I've accrued some debts. At least think about it

- Excuse me, but that thing?

- That what?

- Are you the designer of that thing?

- Ah, that stuff over there?

- No, my son does that

- What?

- Eh ..

- But, then I really don't think you're in such serious economic trouble, you know?

- What do you mean, sorry?

-But how, you don't know? But look ... Here! Look, the designer of that work makes it like NFT. Its price has practically exploded. Let's say that since it was auctioned, its value is ... practically double that of this house. Here you are

- Leo! Can you get off for a moment? Leo, to dad ... He is Leonardo, my son

- Ah, but ...

- Well? Won't you tell me anything? Your work is sold on ..

- Now you care what I do?

- Ah

- You are only interested in it because it has an economic interest. You know, dad, I would have really appreciated that you were interested regardless of the economic value. And that it had a value in your eyes without me having to give you anything in return. I wish you were proud of me anyway. I put my heart into it. But I understand that it is difficult for you to understand

- Leo

- Forgive me if I intrude, but ... You see, I also have a son, you know. And he, too, wants to be an artist, he is passionate about music, and you know what is… my greatest satisfaction? It is to see him passionate about what he does, really. Every parent loves their child unconditionally, right? In my opinion, you should be a little prouder of how your son is. Not so much for the economic feedback of what he does

- Thank you.

- To you, goodbye

- Goodbye


- Leo ... Leo, wait a minute! Leo, wait.

- I have to apologize. For the offenses, for the constant comparisons with your brother, for not believing in what you are doing, I hope you can forgive me

- I know you worry about me, about my future

- Yes, it is true, but this does not authorize me. I disrespected you, I laughed at your dreams. Leo, no one should have to tell you that you can't do something, not even me. I should have appreciated who you are, not for the financial feedback of what you do

- Thank you

- And listen, we're not selling the design anymore

- But no, dad ...

- No, really. We will manage, as we always have, but together!

- Do you remember the lady from yesterday? She bought my NFT this morning. We can keep the house

- Thank you

- Thank you for being with us, we hope you enjoyed the story, by sharing this video you can also have an impact in someone's life by giving a strong message

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