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Sky / IELTS Speaking task 1

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

• Do you often look at the sky?

Yes, I do. I often look at the sky, it gives rest to my eyes and inspiration, the sky is beautiful and unique every time.

• Do you like to watch stars?

Yes, I do. I really enjoy watching stars. It awakens the imagination and the desire to get a better look at this very interesting contrast of the dark sky and the shining stars.

• Do you prefer to look at the sky during the day or at night?

The sky is always beautiful day and night, so I find it difficult to answer exactly. I think that I look at the sky every time my soul desires it, no matter day or night.

• What do you think about when you look at the sky?

When I look at the sky, I think that everything that God has created is beautiful and admirable. And everything that a person makes in the right natural way has to be just as beautiful.

• Have you ever taken a course about stars/planets?

This is an interesting question. I have never taken a course about stars. But when I was in the seventh grade, my favourite books were books on astrophysics, which described the life processes of stars, this helped me later to understand many things in life.

• Where is the best view of the sky where you live?

I find that the best sky view is from the room where I work. It is located on the sixth floor, and I can see the sky whenever I want, just turning my head to the window, it is great.

• Are there often clouds in the sky in your country?

Unfortunately, yes, there are too many clouds in the sky, as I see it, especially in recent years. I think climate change is increasing the rate of evaporation of moisture, and this is causing the clouds in the sky to thicken.

• Is the sky often overcast?

As I see it, yes, it is too often cloudy, gloomy in the sky, it affects my mood. I like to see the sun, blue skies and stars. A lot of clouds scare and upset me a little. It's too much water around.

• Is star-gazing popular in your country?

I do not know about the habits of people to gaze at stars in my country. It seems to me that people are too busy with their daily activities to look at stars. But in the old days, I remember that there were many folk observations related to the sky, non-scientific understanding of the relationships in nature. Probably, star-gazing was popular.

• Are there any spectacular sunsets in your country?

The view of the sunset is different every season in my country. But this spring and summer, I noticed that sunsets are really beautiful. The skies can be from gold and pink to purple shades when there are few clouds and the sun can be seen above the horizon, it is a stunning view.

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