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Psychological domestic violence and coping / Say it in Italian

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

- Giulia, Giulia,

- Yes, my love?

- Who are you on the phone with?

- Ehh ..

- When I call you, you have to hang up, understand?

- Yes, but I was ...

- Eh, oh well, where is the food?

- Eh, look, sorry I didn't really have time. Wait, I prepare something on the fly.

- What?! Didn't you have time? And what have you been doing all day?

- Eh, I worked all day, and then I got a call

- Ah, yes, nice excuse .. The truth is that you don't do anything from morning to night. But does it seem normal to you, that I come home after all day, and you haven't done anything? What kind of wife are you? But do you take care of your husband like this?

- But I've been taking care of you for five years! Every day..

- But you don't even know how to take care of yourself ... Look at you ...

- But why are you telling me these things?

- Because you are a beggar, Giulia! I'm also ashamed to be seen around with you, look at you ... You suck

- Stop humiliating me like that, it's not fair, I didn't do anything!

- And of course, because now the truth cannot be told, because this is what I am doing, I am telling the truth.

- Then why did you marry me?

- That's good, good question. In fact, it was the biggest mistake of my life. .. Hello, mom? What happened? All right, at ... I'll come right away there. Yes. I go as I have more important things to do. And you stop crying! You feel sorry for yourself, Giulia ... You are a miserable person ..



- You haven't done anything today, you haven't even cooked!

- But that's not true ...

- I've been putting up with you for thirty years. I am ashamed of you!

- What are you doing ?! But instead of supporting her, because she has been putting up with you for 30 years, washing you and ironing you, you start insulting her? Listen, why don't you just go?

- Good. I was leaving. I pity you! Nothing else.

- Mom, what happened? Didn't he put his hands on you?

- No, Marco ... But the words he said to me ... destroyed me inside. It is as if he had beaten me up.

- Come on mom, now don't worry. I promise you that he won't hurt you anymore, I'll take care of it ... I'm sorry, the words he said to you are horrible and no one should suffer them ...

- Marco, is everything okay?

- No, Mom, it's just that I'm a fool.

- Love ... I'm fine, really. You don't have to worry about me .. Listen, we'll talk with you on the phone in a while. Come home now, okay? All right.

- Thanks Mom!


- Love, please, excuse me. I said some horrible words to you and, what's more, without you doing anything. I understood that I have verbally abused and that this can hurt more than physical violence. You are a great woman, a great wife. And a hard worker. And I wasn't the man I should have been. The man you deserve. Excuse me! You were the best choice I made in my life.

- Are you serious?

- Of course. Indeed, now do you know what I do? I do the forgiving! I'll handle that. Hoping it will come out well ...

- So, how did it go? Did it work?

- Perfectly! You were amazing, love. It seemed true, luckily, Giulia left her cell phone open. When I heard Marco say those things to her ... Her heart broke. We had to do something!

- Psychological violence is as dangerous as physical violence! Do not ignore it ... The victim, many times, is unaware! Verbal abuse annihilates the soul by slowly destroying. Help those in this situation. Make them aware

The sound of it in Italian:


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