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Professor and student

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

- Fabri, what are you doing sitting here on the ground? School has been over for a while, you should be home

- Nothing, prof. Nothing.

- How nothing? Everything is fine?

- Yeah, everything's great

- Come on, I can see that something is wrong. And the school? Did you end up with the principal again?

- Yup

- And why?

- Because the Greek teacher caught me copying during the class test

- And that's why you ended up in the principal's?

- Well, no. I also answered badly. Now the principal wants to talk to my parents. This year is the right time that I fail.

- Fabri, I don't understand you. Why don't you study? Why don't you commit yourself?

- You know why. Because it's all useless. I'm not smart, I never will be. Everyone told me. All! That I'm worth nothing. Even my father. You know, I'm starting to believe him.

- Of course, if you think so too, it will be difficult to convince others otherwise. But I think you're good.

- You teach gymnastics.

- And that's why my opinion is worth little?

- That's not what I mean. You can understand if I am inclined to sport or not. If I am good in physical activities but not in other subjects… or in other things.

- But you're wrong. Doing my job does not only mean teaching gymnastics, but also knowing and recognizing the resources of my students.

- And what are my resources?

- So, you are a smart, energetic and temperamental guy. You just have to learn to believe in yourself more and maybe not identify yourself in the role of the worst in the class, in which, among other things, you have settled very well in recent years. By believing in yourself, you can get whatever you want

- What do I want?

- I do not know. Tell me. What do you like to do?

- I like drawing

- So grit your teeth for another year and try to get this diploma. And then ... Draw. Draw a lot. Find yourself through drawing. Pursue your passion with determination, and you will see that it is what puts you on the right path.

- You say it's that simple?

- No, it will never be simple. But remember one thing: that if you don't struggle for yourself today, you will still struggle for someone else tomorrow. I go now. Listen to me. See you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow, prof.


- Hi, love.

- Hi, my love. Why so late?

- Marina took me to a painting exhibition.

- Interesting, how was it?

- Extremely beautiful. I also bought the book written by the artist and there are photographs of all his works. I'd like to watch it together, so you give me your point of view

- That's fine, go ahead.

- He is a very young artist, but he is already very popular. I think, he also exhibited in New York.

- Oh ... Bravo

- There is a dedication. Do I read it?

- Go on.

- This book and this exhibition are dedicated to a special man, the first to believe in me, the first who made me understand how important it is to seek and follow one's passion with determination and courage. Only in this way can we be happy, only in this way can we discover who we really are. I never thanked him, I do it now: thanks prof., thanks .. Matteo Bruni?!

- Go on

- It wasn't easy, but you were right, if you don't struggle for yourself today you'll struggle for someone else tomorrow. In the end, I succeeded. You are a great teacher. With immense gratitude, Fabrizio Marini. Is this dedication for you ?!

- I really think so. Bravo, Fabrizio.


- Most of the stories in our videos are inspired by real events and if you are the one too, we could be inspired for the next videos


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