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PET Reading, Part 1

For each question, choose the correct answer.

1. College Shop

Now is the time to buy

essential items like pens and

folders - prices reduced

until Friday.

Open daily during lunch

breaks. Also for 30 minutes

after last class everyday

apart from Monday.

A) Students must go to the college shop to buy certain items for their studies.

B) Students can take advantage of special offers at the college shop at the moment

C) Students may visit the college shop at lunchtime every day except Monday.

2. Hi Max

I'm afraid l'll no longer

be able to come on

the shopping trip

tomorrow. My aunt is

visiting and didn't give

us much notice.


A) Suggest a new date for a shopping trip

B) Invite Max to meet one of his relatives

C) Cancel an arrangement he had mad

3. Special Offer

order any pizza by

7 p.m. and

get another

one half-price!

A) All the pizzas in the restaurant are included in this offer.

B) Any pizza ordered before 7 p.m. costs less than the usual price.

C) At certain times, a customer can get two pizzas for the price of one.

4. We've done very well

with the recycling paper and

plastic waste in the school

this term - but we could do

better! Please put any

suggestions in the box

outside my office.

A) Mr Wood has made suggestions on how to recycle waste produced by the school.

B) Recycling material should be put into the box outside Mr Wood's office.

C) Mr Wood wants new ideas on ways to improve waste recycling in the school.

5. Hi Sam,

Thanks for taking me

to the cinema last

night. I didn't say at

the time, but I was a

bit frightened! I think

I need to watch a

comedy next time!


Mel is texting to

A) accept Sam's invitation to the cinema.

B) admit to Sam that she found the film scary.

C) ask when Sam can see another film with her.

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