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Office promotion talk / Say it in Italian

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

- Flavio, tell me something, is it true that you applied for the promotion?

- Well yes. Why?

- But .. Flavio .. But haven't you yet realized that this is a position for smart people? Like me. You do not have the numbers in the turnover, you do not have them even close, how can you even think of ...

- You know, it's not just about the numbers ...

- In life ... Now I'll explain something, ok? And I'll explain it to you for free. You don't have to pay me. The most successful in the world are sharks, like me. You are not a shark, you are a small fish. Resign yourself to this thing.

- Guys, excuse me. I'm new and can't get the copier to work. Can I ask you for a hand please?

- Really! I'm so sorry but you interrupted us we were talking. You know, we're also working here. It doesn't take a degree to operate a copier so if you please… Thanks!

- Ah, thank you, you are very kind

- Pleasure. Anyway, Flavio.

- Nice to meet you, Nadia

- And you?

- I am me. And you are you. And you do not give me the "you". Ok? Because we don't know each other. And if you really want to know, I'm the next boss of yours. And yours too, remember that.

- Why are you so arrogant with her? She didn't do you anything wrong

- I'm not arrogant. This isn't being arrogant. So sorry, it doesn't hit me to be nice to her. What goes into my pocket? Tell me! What goes into my pocket?

- Silvio, you shouldn't be kind only when you know you can get something in return

- Listen, Flavio, let me work. You continue to be the good Samaritan to help the interns, and you will see yourself stuck in your mediocrity for life. Remember that the only thing that matters in this life is the results you get

- Silvio I don't think so.

- You can think as you wish, I'm going to lunch, because I got hungry, and you also annoyed me, bye!

- .. comments from other Romanians, then of course ..

- Guys, sorry if I disturb you again, but I have to download some files and I can't do it, without them, I can't work.

-Do not look at me!

- Nadia, of course I'll give you a hand

- Thank you! I don't know what to say, you are always so nice to me

- Don't worry

- What about your job, though?

- I'll finish it tonight if necessary

- Listen, it's touching to me to hear, but are you serious? Get to the point of doing overtime because of her, she is a trainee, right? I have to teach you everything. Flavio, you give a reason...

- But can't you see that she needs a hand? You do not care?

- No, I'm not interested. Flavio, in life you have to think about your interests if you want to emerge. You can't waste time on useless things. I'm sorry. This is how I get my results. You go on, and you will stay in this office for life. And look ... as a friend, don't even introduce yourself to tomorrow's interview. Ok? You have no chance

- Good morning!

- Boss. Everything is fine? I made you the coffee the way you like it, big cup. Flavio ...

- Thank you, it's very kind of you, as always.

- But .. for a coffee, it is a pleasure. I almost forgot one more thing, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you are giving us, both of us. Pleasure!

- Yes ... So, I checked the turnovers of you both and from the analyses it is more than evident that the right choice for the role I am looking for must fall on you.

- Thank you! Really, thanks for the opportunity! I will not disappoint you. I was expecting that a little bit eh

- I also evaluated that… As a manager for the company I want someone who knows how to communicate… Even wasting time on useless things

- Why not? Of course!

- Because I think that showing respect and kindness for employees shows how much one is really connected to the company

- M-mh? Yes it can be so!

- Love! By now you all know my daughter. In recent months she has been my eyes and my ears. And through what she told me I had to make different assessments. Because you cannot evaluate a person simply based on the results he achieves

- No…

- Congratulations, the place is yours!

- My?

- No! Hey, hey, hey! I broke my back for your company, you can't give the job to him

- You are right! My fault and it won't happen again, because I'm firing you! Congratulations again! I'm going to get the contract

- A .. wait a minute!

- Silvio, some advice. You shouldn't be kind only when you know you can get something back

- Thanks for joining us! We hope you enjoyed the story, by sharing this video you can also have an impact in someone's life by giving a strong message

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