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Never blame anyone for his or her origins

Updated: Jan 26

- Good morning, boss

- Good morning

- I came because ... we do not find ourselves with the right accounts of the last few months

- What do you mean?

- Here ... there are some money outlets that I really don't know how to explain

- How is it possible? … But these are huge numbers!

- Already!

- For how long, have you said, that's going on?

- The last three months

- Here ... I shouldn't have hired him. Surely, it is the fault of that foreigner. Look, have him come here to the office right away with his supervisor, Riccardo.

- All right…

- Chief, did I have to see you?

- Come on, come on, please. Good morning Riccardo. Sheva, good morning. You owe me some explanations, hm?

- What, boss?

- Listen, do you know how to deal with them in your country? No, because there is no money here.

- But I don't ... I don't understand. What happened, boss?

- You never understand when it suits you, you Romanians, mh? Can you explain these figures to me? What are these wire transfers!

- Actually, I ... I reported to Riccardo but ... he told me "don't worry"

- No, wait. You still don't understand Italian well. I'm helping you, don't you remember? I showed you all the payment procedures. Chief, don't blame him, he's new, and he's also a foreigner.

- Sure! Now we also do some do-gooders, right? Look, listen to me. There's no money here, so this is at my house's expense. It's called stealing, understand? Stealing! So either you give me valid explanations, or you will be responsible for them personally.

- Come on, don't be mad, she was just worried about the money, but she doesn't have something with you.

- I ... I'm used to this. Always like that. Any place I go, any job I do, if something happens, Riccardo, always the fault of Romanian.

- Come on, don't make it personal now.

- Yes, instead, we should never accuse someone for his origins. And in any case, no one should ever be convicted before being guilty.

- You are right.

- Paola, as I was leaving to go home, I saw Sheva sneaking around his office outside business hours. I saw him while he handled with computers careful not to be noticed, he has just finished he walked away quickly looking around, so the next day ...

- Good morning, boss

- So, today, I have really good news to announce. I finally found out who is responsible for the scams

- For real?

-How did you do it?

- Sheva, do you have anything to say?

- But, do you really want to hear me on what I have to say, boss?

- Of course! I'm just so curious to hear what story you are going to make up. But know that you have no excuses. I saw you!

- Boss, if you have proof of what you are saying, it is not necessary to proceed further. I think it is more than enough, it is not even necessary to humiliate this poor man

- But do you see it? Then they complain so much that we don't know how to welcome them. They only come here to rob us, thinking they'll get away with it. But this time it went wrong for you.

- Not wrong for me. I have a clear conscience. You immediately thought Romanian guilty because you are blinded by prejudice, and you don't want anything else.

- But please! Don't be a victim. I have proof.

- What? What proof?

- I saw you! I saw you wandering around the office after business hours.

- What did you see? Seen me entering a company account? What did you see?

- Well, I ... I saw you!

- I ... I'm not guilty. I care a lot about this job and want to find out the truth. So… I put a camera on a computer to record.

- Well ... come on! We will see.

- Chief, that's not necessary

- No, no, no, let's see, let's see!

- And here's what I saw

- Love. Yes, yes. I'm rounding up this time, too. But no, don't worry, they will surely blame the Romanian anyway, all as expected. Yes, exactly. See you at home. Bye.

- Riccardo! Katia! Immediately to the security to block him and to call the police!

- Sheva, I ... I'm mortified, really. I apologize. There are no words for my attitude.

- OK, boss. I… I'm glad you understood. But ... if you allow, I meant something else. Tomorrow, you too could be a foreigner in another country. Therefore, one should never blame anyone for his or her origins. And anyway, no one should ever be condemned without blame. See you tomorrow, boss

- See you tomorrow, Sheva, and ... I'm sorry again.


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