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Intelligence lives in cycles

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

If we look at history, we will find cyclic repetitions of events. For example, European culture has experienced a Reformation, Renaissance, and Enlightenment. What was in common on all three spins of the journey? Creativity flourished, trust in relations was restored, the most charming, subtle and sensitive women began to feel in relative safety, they were no longer tortured or burned at the stake. Healers could study the properties of plants without the need to prepare poison. Artists and researchers could explore the future, not fearing that they would be accused and killed as heretics and embezzlement of money. Inventors would not be forced to work exclusively on murder machines, but they could develop something for a peaceful life. If you generalize this, the competencies of the intuitive, ethical and emotional types of intelligence aimed at creating have been developed. And peaceful growing, by the way, is the most natural way for the development of intuition, rapport in relations and emotional support of activity. Because one wants to be happy and successful at this, striving for a distant bright and beautiful goal. There are also differences between Reformation, Renaissance and Enlightenment. They resemble an ascending spiral of three revolutions that make up the line of disclosure of the degrees of freedom: political, social, economic, intrapersonal.

However, let's see why these three stages of the development of European culture took place in life. We see that in each case, events with torture, killings, executions, wars preceded it, such as, for example, this monstrous phenomenon of the Inquisition, which absolutely distorted the meaning of Christianity: where love was to be, people “drew and shot” in all shades of the meaning of these words. If we use an analogy with four arithmetic actions, then people forgot that they could multiply love and well-being, share among all, add skills. They narrowed their actions up to one thing: subtract lives, take away money, take away health, beauty, happiness, success, peace. They took everything up until they came to the crisis of depletion of resources and killed themselves, in the end. They resembled bloodthirsty dinosaurs before their disappearance. And immediately after the disappearance of the murderers, love, happiness, creativity flourished, like if the turn of the other three arithmetic actions came: addition, multiplication, division. It was so not only in Europe, but also in Ancient Egypt, and in Israel, and in China, and in Russia.

All dictators and executioners were men. All of them were proud of some “rationality”, they achieved the goal without sparing ethics, emotions and internal feelings that feed intuition. They considered internal feelings as something feminine, treating this as “dark sides” and weaknesses, like Freud did, for example. They took everything they could take away from women: property, rights, freedom, life. They justified this with “rationality”.

Men in history worked like an analytical part in the marketing plan. In the marketing plan, you must state a long -term strategy, and this needs your intuition. You must offer a model of interaction with market participants, this requires all the competencies of ethics. You must build a brand, image and reputation to cause the necessary emotions. And then the executioner comes under the name “analysis”, and, in fact, draws an addicted interrogation to everything that you created before. He tells you: “Find a measure to talent,” because “What cannot be measured does not exist.” And when the analysis, which takes away all the “extra” and “fuzzy”, is saturated like a dinosaur, then surviving living feelings bloom. And women, as well as intuitive, sensitive, kind, creative, hardworking part of men say: “Happiness is generosity of spirit”, “Justice is the shortest way to the goal”, “Good solutions lead to a good goal”, “Success creates a greater success”, "Put down excessiveness - get half the victory", "Restraining the excessive retains power", "Financial independence is the fruit of a flexible game."

In reality, the rational type of intelligence is a tool to find weakness and kill it. Healthy rational intelligence will not destroy intuition, ethics and emotions that coexist in harmony, it will not turn the search into paranoia, emotions into insatiable greed, and intuition - into cunning manipulations. A healthy rational intelligence will not kill love, but will stop at its pedestal, because love is life energy. And the preservation of sincerity and honesty in love will be the highest form of rationality. An unhealthy rational intelligence first becomes a paranoid, an insatiable killer of feelings and emotions, a dictator, an executioner until the resources are eaten, and then inevitably dies. Because it is impossible to build a process using only the arithmetic subtraction or taking away. There again and again you will have to add, multiply and divide in order to revive. Until the next round of the cycle, returning to the analysis, up to the point when creativity, intuition and ethics become so competent that the analysis will not be able to open the mouth against them.


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