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Family First / Say it in Italian

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

- Love

- Well? How did the meeting go?

- Well, very well. Well.. yes…

- You haven't been there for two months. They just called me

- I don't need those meetings. They make me feel stupid .. And then they don't help me .. they don't help me at all. And you have to stop trying to control me.

- I told you six months ago ... to stop. Otherwise, you would have lost your son and me. And what are you doing? You hide to drink! I've seen all the empty bottles in the garage!

- Good. Well done, are you going to spy on me now?

- You leave me no choice. Either us, or the alcohol .. Decide!

- Well, I choose the drink. Because at least it doesn't control me, it doesn't spy on me,

- I had no doubts ... Then get out of this house. I need to call the judge

- Then I go to the bar, there I have friends


- Hey man ... You're enjoying it, huh? Come on, let's drink together that there is more taste

- Here, friend, have a drink that will warm you up

- So? What is it that brings you to these parts? You must have a lot of thoughts, huh?

- Today, the judge has decided ... He said that I can no longer see my wife, my son. But it's not my fault, eh ... It's its fault. When my wife kicked me out of the house, I was happy, because I could drink… without feeling guilty, without being spied on! Then, on the other hand, I had an accident due to alcohol. And I broke the car. I lost my job and lost important things. But I'm free ...

- My friend, you say you are free. But it seems to me that a new wife has been made for you ... Eh, you told me that your wife used to control you but ... It seems that now you have something else controlling you ... Basically, it is as if you had made another wife!

- Ahahahah... You're right.

- Personally, I would rather have a wife who controls me even if she stresses me, rather than a wife who makes me have accidents or lose my job.

- Tie, take it away (from me)

- It won't work ... If I'm the one taking it off now. Tomorrow as soon as you see another bottle you will throw yourself on it. You have to find the strength on your own to throw this away. And you can find it, only within you. Alone

- Easy to say, hard to do

- Dude, you told me earlier you miss your family. The family comes first. Man, I have to go now, But I really hope you will find the strength to react within you


- Have you talked to the judge?

- Yes. I just finished

- Look, whatever he told you, give me another chance

- And why should I?

- Because I haven't touched a drop for a year, I go to meetings every week. I have found the strength, I have changed.

- All this strength, where did you get it from? And then who assures me that once you get back to normal you won't fall back on it?

- Because I have changed! The other years, was a choice that came from outside. It's different now. I met a man a year ago who made a huge impact on my life. And he made me understand that if I wanted to change, I had to look for the strength within me. And I found it. I love my family, I miss you

- We love you too, and we never stopped loving you, and we also hoped until the last that you could ... help yourself

- And I did, I swear

- We can try again, but it will be the last time

- Thank you

- Yes

- However, what did the judge say?

- He had your analyses, he was very happy, and also the confirmations of your appointments with alcoholics anonymous. In short, he is in favor, so you can go home ... Goodbye, Judge

- Goodbye

- But it's him!

- What?

- It's him .. the man I met a year ago is him

- You're telling me that… you met the judge last year

- No, he was a ... homeless..

- Giuseppe, what are you saying? But were you drunk, or were you talking to yourself?

- But I don't remember

- You remember him .. eh .. tell me a bit .. What exactly would he have told you?

- Family comes first

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