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Deception and justice in a car service

- So, is the car ready?

- Yeah, but ... we were in really bad shape huh

- What do you mean bad?

- Well, the problem wasn't just where we thought it was, we did a more thorough check of the vehicle, and it turned out a lot more components to replace. Look, I've already prepared the invoice for you

- Damn it! Even double?

- Obviously the price has also more than doubled, but I repeat it was necessary work

- Yes … sorry but… .you had to warn me

- Look … now the work has been done, and if you want to collect the car you have to pay it

- Okay ... I'll pay the bill, but sorry anyway you had to warn me eh … it's not like that. Here … Anyway, I will not come to this office anymore. Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

- Mauro, what are you doing?

- She has that. There is the first time she comes, but what do you think she understands about cars. She didn't even notice anything.

- But how do you treat clients. … Like that? You'll make them all go away.

- Look, what are you getting into? Go back to work, what is that if it weren't for me ...

- What if it weren't for you? Look, if you didn't notice, you made us lose another customer.

- But who, that one? But what loss? As if she was making us millions, this was the only way I could get the most out of her

- If your father heard you

- Giulio! My father is gone. The company is mine, and it is done as I say.

- You're right about that. The company is yours now, but how long do you think it will last? If you keep treating customers like that and inflating their bills, do you remember what your father always said? Honesty always pays off.

- Listen, but you don't understand anything eh, I don't want to remain a small fish like my father, I will build an empire in a short time instead, that's how real money is made.

- But you can't do it on the backs of customers

- Now you're really boring me. So, there are two things: either you go back to work or you quit, go.

Mauro continues to take advantage of his clients, which, over time, leads him to ruin. First, he is seen abandoning by Giulio who had started working there under the guidance of his father, followed by the farewells of customers, even those of the historians who realized that they are constantly being cheated. And when the expenses exceed the income, Mauro is forced to close and look for a job.


- And so, you are Mr. Mauro Belli

- Yes I am

- I don't understand why your company was closed. You had a nice customer package if I remember correctly

- But you know, some differences with employees and…. I think, we had gotten to a point where they didn't even do what they should have done

- Mh, I understand, a real shame. Anyway, I'm glad you came here to look for a job, I knew your father well, a nice person, reliable, honest. And if he gave me so much, his son will not be rejected

- Well, modestly, not to brag, but over time I have developed some techniques to increase turnover, not bad eh .. You know, among entrepreneurs, we understand each other, right?

- Interesting, and what is it about?

- Luciano, good morning, I have to settle the bill

- Yes, let's do it now

- And you? What are you doing here?

- Have we met before?

- What are you talking about, you can't remember anything? I was in his workshop months ago

- No, no, you are wrong ...

- Ah, Luciano, if I can give you some advice, don't hire this person

- What do you mean?

- In the sense that months ago he cheated me

- For real?

- What are you saying? But if it was you who didn't want to pay me a bill. Now she comes here calling me a crook. No, look, if anyone has to complain, it's me about her ...

-No, no, no, look, maybe you were used to thinking that all women do not understand anything about engines eh, but, sorry, I happened to be the wrong person

- What are you implying?

- I don't want to insinuate anything. Listen Luciano, Mauro has invoiced me for jobs he has never done on my car, and I'm sorry for you, Mauro, but I have a transport company, and so I know this job very well and if you thought you were kidding me, well, you were wrong and that's why I'm here. Because Luciano is an honest and transparent person.

- Now I understand. The lady had already told me this story. The problem therefore is not your collaborators, but you.

- Look, but you don't really want to listen to her? But... you know my father's reputation, I never could ...

- Precisely! I know his reputation as your father's, I checked the lady's car myself, and she's right. So let me understand, was this your idea to increase the volume of business? Fuck people right? You know, I feel a little sorry for you. The lady could have been your client if you had been honest

- And I would also say an excellent customer, I could have guaranteed you an enormous turnover, thanks to the maintenance of all the vehicles I have in the company

- Yes, I confirm. Currently, the lady is one of our best clients, and we have a nice client package, and you know why? Because we work honestly, because as your father always said - honesty always pays off. You should be the first to know it. I'm sorry, but I can't hire you. You will probably have other opportunities in the future, but I don't think you will continue to behave this way. Dishonesty never brings anything good. And now, if you allow. Good luck!

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