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Cakes, Desserts for IELTS Speaking task 1

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

1. Do you like cakes?

Yes, in fact, I like cakes, although this is not always useful. What is good for me cakes can be with more berries and fruits and less flour.

2. Have you ever baked a cake?

I haven't baked a real cake for a long time, since my youth. In recent years, I have been baking light cakes with a lot of berries.

3. How often do you eat cakes?

I don't eat cakes often. Only when it’s my birthday or the birthday of my family members.

4. Do you like having desserts? When do you eat them?

Honestly, I like desserts. It can be ice cream, chocolate, or fruit salad with strawberries. I eat such desserts whenever I want to do it, I do not deny myself, and I enjoy having them.

5. Are cakes popular in your country?

Cakes are quite popular in my country. We have a wide variety of cakes from large to small size with very different fillings. Cakes can be made on demand for a special occasion, to treat guests or to celebrate something.

6. What desserts are popular in your country?

I find it difficult to answer because people from a wide variety of cultures live in my country, each culture has rich culinary traditions. Personally, I like oriental sweets, such as halva, with nuts, candied fruits.

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