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An Apology Letter To A Friend

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed those two days I spent in your house, playing and chatting with you. As you know, I live in a large city where I don’t have many close friends like you. I really needed a short break like this.

By the way, the reason that I am writing this letter now is that I mistakenly took your e-book reader with me. I am extremely sorry for this. My ebook reader is the same as yours, so while packing I mistakenly put your device in my bag. I realized my mistake only when I switched on the device after reaching home. But don’t worry. I am sending it back to you this afternoon by USPS postal service. I will send it with a return label so that you can return my device when the delivery guy visits your home.

See you soon

Best regards

Band 8,5


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