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Our approach to learning languages

Обновлено: 1 сент. 2021 г.

We offer a completely new approach to learning languages. It is Parallel language learning, This is an intuitive approach that requires a certain amount of courage and maturity.

We found that learning multiple languages ​​at once was much more interesting, easier, and more fun than learning just one language. Why is this so? You receive material for comparison in Parallel language learning. And it gives understanding and knowledge.

The essence of the intuitive approach is that it is organic to human nature.

The heart works the same way. The heart connects in communication, and this gives an intuitive understanding, while the brain disconnects, according to its functions, in order to distinguish things.


Traditional methods study a language, separating it from others, immersing a person only in this language, isolating the person in this language. But the reality is that it is not enough for a modern resident of Europe or America and Russia to know only English as intermediary language. The world economy is integrating, people interact, converging in values ​​and expectations, not in geographical location. At the same time, neither Italians, nor French, nor Spaniards, nor Argentines .. are in a hurry to leave their native language and switch to English .. Israelis also want to communicate in Hebrew .. Romanians, Czechs, Poles .. want you to communicate with them in their language, understanding cultural differences .. This is respect. And the Parallel language learning is behind it naturally.


What should we do? We are always looking for the answer where the question is asked.

Once people spoke the same language, it was before the fall of Babylon .. Everything tends to return, but - having learned the lessons of history .. If you take and write the same text - your working text in English, Italian, Spanish, French, maybe Portuguese, Romanian .. and place the lines one below the other, you will see that they are similar, you will see the coincidence of the roots of the words and the differences in endings, .. you will see that prepositions, changing, show differences in relations in every language. .. And how it began to happen to us - if something was incomprehensible in one language, then the other language gave an answer. Parallel language learning gives this advantage.

Now, when you study several languages ​​in this way, it is better to do literal translations in order to see clearly what unites them.

You will see a common heart - at the root of words, a romance heart in roman languages, this is a common understanding of beauty, harmony, vivid feelings.

You see in each language the addition to the roots of words of specific differences in the form of endings, prefixes, methods of applying the same words, the amplitude of the meanings of a similar word.

Intuition gives the effect of connection with native speakers at the level of feelings, understanding and acceptance, respect for the community of all people. After accumulating a certain volume of words, you can watch movies, cartoons, presentations, read books. And you will see that the words and constructions familiar to you are used in each language with slight stylistic changes, reinforcing cultural differences in accordance with the logic of each language - so that the speech looks in a special way more vivid, expressive, concise, beautiful, sonorous, emphasizing the nuances of speech. But these differences make up by a more superficial level of consciousness, a certain language style.

Do not let yourself be fooled - styles arose later, after the destruction of Babylon and the separation of every people on its territory. And therefore, traditional methods go through isolation, starting with more superficial things.

Follow the exploratory spirit of intuition

If you follow the style differences from the very beginning, you will always think that learning languages ​​is difficult. But in fact, you’ll just follow up on ways to separate one nation from another, while you have another modern task - to fit in one head the multifaceted perception of humanity, so first find common .. and add some functional differences which are like "spices" added to the dish, and it colours the taste and aroma differently. Each people on the planet has its own specific function-mission before God and humanity. So, today we take the same phrases .. This may be a topic that is close to all people, for example, a romance theme of novels, romances and romance, but you should take the texts that are relevant to you. And after mastering this technique with our examples you just take your texts. The materials created in this way of the Parallel language learning can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, making presentations for different consumer groups.

Another short tip before you start - when you work immediately on 5-6 languages, like us, the brain creates new semantic connections, it warms up .. it needs food, and your nerves need food .. We can not immerse ourselves in a real nutritional atmosphere of 6 countries at the same time, even when it comes to romance countries .. But you can really immerse yourself in the atmosphere of aromas of these countries, spray natural aromas on yourself and around you, soaking the atmosphere with natural aromas of these countries, which is quite affordable, and in this very pleasant atmosphere, It is easier to breathe, remember and work in general doing the Parallel language learning.


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