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Your preferred place in the house / Learn from the TOEFL essay

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Basically, a house is composed of a living room, a dining room, washrooms, and bedrooms. Even though each room has its valuable features, I fully believe that a bedroom is the most significant one. In this place, I can rest, study and chat.

To begin with, a bedroom allows me to recharge my physical and mental batteries. To illustrate, when I am exhausted, I choose to sleep there. With a cozy bed, I can gain sufficient energy to work effectively and efficiently. Besides, I can just sit on a couch and read a newspaper or a magazine. It makes me relaxed and release my stress. Furthermore, I can meditate or look out at

the scenery. These activities can enable me to forget my troubles temporarily. So, I cannot deny that my bedroom is the most appropriate environment to rest.

Moreover, to avoid being disturbed, studying in my bedroom is the best choice for me. I can prepare for the exams, do projects, complete assignments, and review homework in this tiny and quiet room. On top of that, if necessary, I can surf the Internet for relevant information. For example, if I am assigned to make a presentation about "Civil War", I can simply use a search engine like Yahoo or Google to find out about "Civil War" and its origin and its historical importance. In this way, I will come up with ideas to organize how to present perfectly. Therefore, without a bedroom, I might get distracted while studying.

Last but not least, in a bedroom, I can talk to someone through a phone. For instance, I chat with my boyfriend for hours. It would not be easy to chat with him in a public room such as a kitchen or a living room. Only under certain circumstances, I can share my feelings with him. Also, when I am either enlightened or depressed, I can make a phone call to my peers. Thus, communicating with someone in a bedroom appears less embarrassing.

Overall, it seems dull to stay in a bedroom. The more time we stick in this spot, the less time we gather with our friends and families. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly think a bedroom plays a significant role in a house because other rooms cannot substitute its characteristics: a better room to relax, a quieter study place, and a more private room for chatting.

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