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Work / Speaking Task 1 of the IELTS test

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

1. How much work do you do in a week?

I like to work, so I work a lot as a private teacher and psychologist and entrepreneur, I like to write useful and interesting texts, upload them to my two websites to help people and please them and get their attention, and I like to teach and consult people, so, overall, I do a lot of work in a week, it can be 12 hours a day and every day.

2. Do you have to work on weekends as well?

I cannot say that I have to work on weekends, although I do work. But I do it because I like to do it, not because I have to, and I also take rest breaks and have time with my loved ones.

3. Do you like the place where you work?

I do most of my work at home, so I like the place where I work. It is very convenient and everything is at hand at any time. But I also like to travel to my clients to their place or to a neutral place like an office or a café to give lessons and consult.

4. What would make your work more interesting?

I think that my work would be made much more interesting by travelling. I dreamed of working online from any beautiful and interesting place on earth, and it is not just because I wanted so, but also because my lessons and consultations could become more positive and useful for clients if I convey to them positive impressions and knowledge about the places where I have been or are, I hope so.

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