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Why Wix?

Updated: Feb 29

I want to make a confession. As a website builder for small and medium businesses, for creative people, owners of cute restaurants, workshops and home shops in Montenegro, Serbia, the Balkans, I love Wix. Don't get me wrong, I know that Tilda is popular among Russian speakers, and everyone knows about good old Wordpress, but Wix is very good compared to them. For me it’s like a sip of water in the heat. Why? Because Wix is intuitive, I feel like a child playing with a construction set when I work in the Wix editor. It’s just great to sit in a chair next to the balcony, from which there is a grandiose view of the Montenegrin mountains over the sea, and rearrange design elements in the Wix editor.

I was recently building a website for a real estate agency and needed to post compelling videos of properties with application forms to meet with an agent. And now I’m preparing content to develop a website for an agency that organizes holidays. And so, I’m so glad to do this on Wix, because everything is clear and clearly before my eyes, all the lines are visible, a lot of forms for assigning days and times, for booking, more than a hundred different functional forms can be customized on Wix, do this for computer and mobile version.

Screenshots of the websites made on Wix

But let me make a more serious review.

Wix website builder allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using online drag and drop tools. The service, designed for both professionals and beginners, offers a set of advanced features that don't require coding knowledge. This review will help you find out why Wix is beneficial for your business and where it may be inferior to counterparts like Tilda and Wordpress.

What is Wix in Terms of Benefits?

Let’s start with the advantages that Wix provides to its customers:

1.       Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface offered by the Wix website builder enables users to effortlessly add and modify various elements on their websites. This service provides a huge number of templates, blocks, forms and graphic elements for mobile and PC websites. They are designed for many industries and can be fully customized to suit different branding and design preferences.

2.       Design Features

Users also have access to a wide range of design features such as video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, and animation. This allows companies to create visually appealing and engaging websites that can capture the attention of potential clients. So, whether you create a website with Wix or direct your employee to make a website according to your preferences, you are sure to find this service beneficial.

3.        Wix Forms

Moreover, the forms are among the most powerful of Wix templates for business. Compared to WordPress and Tilda, Wix offers a simple customization process that doesn't require additional plugins or coding. Companies can use them to collect leads, client information, and even accept project proposals right on their website.

4.        Wix SEO Tools and Marketing Options:

Wix SEO tools can help you improve your website's visibility in search engines. You can customize meta tags, titles and descriptions, and insert the right keywords into your content. The service also offers detailed guides on how to customize your content and different pages of your site to attract users. Wix also offers marketing and analytics tools that advertising agencies can use to track the effectiveness of their sites and campaigns.

5.        CRM tools:

Perhaps one of the most important Wix eCommerce Solutions is its CRM system that allows you to assign roles to employees, set tasks, track their progress, and manage calls directly through the website, which makes it more efficient and trustworthy. This can be very useful for small businesses that take clients personally

For example, a client gets to a page with a sales funnel, sees a description of the service, assigned manager, and his phone number - and can call while on the website. His message can be recorded and assigned to a manager who can contact a colleague for clarification through the CRM built into the website, and information about the client can be immediately entered into the database.

Now that you found out the advantages of the Wix website builder, let's figure out how this service is inferior to its counterparts.


1. Limited Flexibility:

While Wix's drag-and-drop interface offers ease of use, it can sometimes limit the level of customization and flexibility that more advanced users and web developers might require. Unlike WordPress, which allows for extensive customization through plugins and custom code, Wix might have more options in how much users can alter the platform's core functionalities through plugins and custom code.

2. Website Speed:

Websites made on Wix may encounter slower loading times in comparison to those developed on lighter platforms such as WordPress or Tilda. This discrepancy becomes more pronounced if the website includes high-resolution images or animations. Consequently, this sluggish performance could impact user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

3. Wix Website Migration and Export Limitations:

One notable drawback of Wix is the challenge associated with exporting or migrating your website to another platform. If you opt to transition a website away from Wix, the process might need to reconstruct the website entirely on the new platform. This lack of flexibility – the other side of ingenuity, can cause a significant inconvenience for businesses seeking to make a switch.

4. Wix Pricing Plans Issues

When considering pricing, WordPress may prove to be more cost-effective for advanced developers who leverage its specialized software applications. However, for beginners, WordPress can be more expensive and complex compared to Wix. This is because Wix offers a clearer interface and provides more features readily available from the outset, simplifying the website-building process for those with limited technical expertise.


Wix website builder is an excellent platform for companies looking to build a professional-looking website seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface, rich collection of templates, and e-commerce solutions make it a good option for users who prioritize ease of use and speed of development. However, Wordpress offers an advanced array of tools and service, allowing you to customize every aspect of your webisite with frequent use of code in the process.

If you're interested in having a professionally designed website on Wix, feel free to reach out to me! Together, we can determine the best format for your website and discuss pricing. I'm committed to involving clients in the entire website creation process, ensuring that your needs and preferences are fully understood and met. Let's create something amazing together!


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