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Why a "Christmas tree"

I was always surprised why it is not common to say "New Year's spruce" in English. Although they set the spruce in the center of the cities. But they say "New Year's Tree." Having arrived in Herceg Novi and walking on New Year's streets, I understood that a spruce as a Christmas tree would not be logical and is not natural for this holiday.

After all, this is the birth of Christ, and the events took place in the Mediterranean. And which plant plays the role of symbol of eternal life here, solemnly decorated exactly at this time of year? .. When you walk the streets of Herceg Novi, and you go up the mountain, the answer is obvious to you: Of course, Rosemary and Myrtle are the Tree at this time of year. These plants carry the maximum nutrients that can be used as natural health protection in cold weather. Rosemary now flourishes with blue flowers, a very beautiful wreath can be made of it, which easily turned into spice and tea after the holidays, preserving the benefits for the whole family. Also, Myrtle, this time of the year is very elegant, it is a bush that now with orange or purple berries, just like balls on New Year's tree. .. So, is it not a certain substitution of what in antiquity would be true, but "that is always nearby"? The spruce is a high tree, northern tree ... The spruce has sharp needles, while sharp leaves of rosemary are soft and delicate and very fragrant.

Modern study show that Myrtle is very useful for breathing when it's in the house. Rosemary too. These plants heal air, help us overcome the period of expectation of God's grace, which comes with Christmas. Why not return old and natural, instead of artificial, although that decoration sounds loudly. New year decoration made of Rosemary and Myrtle is fragrant, healthy, natural, practical and delicious. Look at it yourself.


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