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What is cake made from, and how does it affect teeth?

The New Year was approaching. Apollinaria began to think about what she would put on the festive table. She decided to make a cake with lots of fresh berries.

Apollinaria found a lot of recipes for cakes. Many of them came with sweet cream. “Sweet cream can be heavy on the stomach and hurt teeth,” thought Apollinaria. She became interested in the process that goes into making a cake.

First, the wheat grain is collected, dried, ground, and flour is obtained from this. A person cannot chew a simple grain of wheat. The better the substances are crushed, the easier and faster they are absorbed by the body.

Yeast, salt, eggs, water, sugar are added to the flour and the dough is kneaded. The dough is baked into cake layers in the oven. The dough base for the cake should be tender, airy and tasty. In this case, it will be easier to eat, you will hardly have to chew it. It's not much work for your teeth to chew cake. But sweets can have a bad effect on tooth enamel; it is corroded.

It is important to wash the berries for the cake properly and let them dry. You can add walnuts or almonds to the cake. To do this, it is better to chop walnuts and almonds. Because if a hard large piece of walnut gets on your tooth, it will feel very unpleasant

When the dough cake layers are ready, they need to be removed from the oven and placed on a flat dish. Then they need to be cut crosswise so that they get thinner. The first cake layer should be spread with cream made with sugar. Place a layer of berries on the cream layer and cover with a second layer of dough. And so on each layer of dough you need to spread cream and berries.

The berries should be placed whole on top of the cake. This will decorate the cake. True, berries are also not good for teeth; sometimes you can feel a slight tingling sensation on your teeth. This means that the acid contained in the berries eats away tooth enamel.

The cake is allowed to soak in the berry juice and cream before being served. This way the cake becomes soft, easy to eat, and there is no need to strain your teeth. The substances in the cake are so conveniently processed. The teeth don't have to do anything other than apply light pressure to the cake. Your mouth muscles don't get exercised while you're eating cake. If you eat cake often, not only your teeth can suffer, but also your figure. The finely ground substances in cake are highly digestible and people can gain weight by eating cakes.


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