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They denigrate their colleague's work

Updated: Jan 26

- So here we go and have a good time…

- Good morning

- Good morning. Who is this cute little


- I am the architect, Laura Bonola. I will work with you on the project that has been entrusted to you.

- A woman architect?!

- Yes, I am a woman, discerning. Why any problems?

- Oh, no, no. All we needed was this one and we're fine.

- Can you show me the project, please?

- Well, if you ask me like that, I'll show you right away. So, darling. Calculations would have to be made for the stability of the load-bearing walls on this type of terrain.

- A simple job. Do you think you can do it?

- Yes, certainly.

- Please, darling. These calculations are critical. Just one mistake and the building won't stand.

- I know this. And my name isn't darling anyway.

- Then come on. Get to work!

- Laura, are you busy this evening? You know, I'd like to invite you to dinner, kind of, to get to know each other better.

- I already have an appointment this evening. Will be for another time.

- Simone, come on, stop wasting time.


- Hey! I wasn't done yet.

- I am not interested! Everything is wrong here anyway. Who are we kidding?! Look at that mess.

- Yes, there is something that doesn't add up here. I told you if you needed some hand, all you had to do was ask.

- I didn't need a hand. In fact, I really wanted to talk to you about the errors present in the project.

- We don't need your opinion! We need the job done well. And I understand you're not capable of doing that.

- But I wanted to... do

- Simone, think of what is better to do.

- Yes, don't worry, I'll take care of it.

- Do you see what happens when you send women to do men's jobs?! Who knows what can occur?!


- From this perspective, it's a completely different thing.

- Well, yes, actually. I'd take a tour.

- Excuse me, what did you say?!

- What's up. Don't you know how to take a joke?

- What are you referring to?

- Nothing, forget it. What are you doing instead?

- I'm designing an alternative version of the project. Because there is something wrong with your calculations.

- What's wrong is that you are a woman to be here, you shouldn't do the calculations and more.

- And what specifically?

- Come on, don't worry, relax. Rather put that stuff away since we already sent the project to the customer yesterday.

- What?! But I didn't give my approval.

- I signed it for you. Better let us do the men's jobs.

- You can't do that.

- We were already late. Believe me, it's the best solution. We have you saved a lot of hassle. And now I would say we deserve an award.

- But what award?! You are doing illegal things. Besides yours inappropriate behaviour towards me.

- You'll keep your mouth shut anyway if you don't want to lose your job. It would be a real shame. I am already getting used to your pretty face.

- Well done, stay silent. I see we understand each other.

- We have to find a way to kick her out before she messes us up.

- Yes, you're right, this one doesn't even fit. So if she gets out of the way, it's one less distraction.

- Let's go talk to the director.

- Let's invent something about her to send her away.

- Already.

- Excuse us, director. We wanted to talk to you.

- Please.

- Can you get rid of that ball and chain of ours?

-Yes, there's this woman who barged into our office, she said she was supposed to work with us on the project. A woman architect?! Come on! She slows us down, she doesn't know how to do calculations. And she can allow herself to send projects without our approval.

- Who? Laura Bonola?

- Exactly, her.

- I called her. I'm the one who wanted her here in the studio.

- But how?

- Why?

- To keep you under control. Here are the reports of illegal shortcuts on the project.

- Illegal?!

- You are a spy.

- As I was telling you, I wanted her here in the studio to check on you and ensure that there were no illegal acts in the construction of houses and serious buildings.

- And from what I read, you intended to build on unstable ground, using poor quality materials for a project that wouldn't have been on its feet for even 6 months. You presented the project without her approval. Here are your signatures, with Laura's forged. And you complain!

- Sorry, director, I can explain. There is a misunderstanding. Then she's just a woman anyway, what do you want her to understand?

- Yes, I am a woman and I understand certain things even better than you. Instead, you and your worthy companion are two chauvinists who make the lives of us women impossible in the workplace. Forcing us to do and to demonstrate much more than what is asked of you men. Just to your knowledge, in addition to having reported you to the competent authorities for crimes at work, I also did for mobbing and harassment. I guarantee you will have enough free time to think about these things.

- And free up your desks!


- Most of the stories in our videos are inspired by true events. And if you have one, we could use it for future videos.


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