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The Russians are a reading nation / GSE (OGE)

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Reader | Daren Thompson

Monologue by plan

— what proves that the Russians are a reading nation; — what kind of information most papers and magazines contain; — what kind of mass media modern teenagers enjoy reading; — what kind of mass media you prefer. You have to talk continuously.

It is a well-known fact that the Russians are a reading nation, as it is impossible to imagine our life without news, newspapers, magazines and books. Millions of copies of them appear every day, and they are usually sold really quickly.

Most newspapers contain news, reviews of books, films and events, art and TV shows, sports events covers, detailed articles on international and home affairs. The majority of magazines contain news about celebrities, reviews of various events and a huge number of detailed articles on different aspects of daily life. The most common thing for mass media nowadays is the big amount of advertisements everywhere.

I believe that it is quite easy to find newspapers and magazines for teenagers, but I don't think that they read paper versions a lot. We have the Internet access nearly everywhere, that is why a lot of magazines and newspapers have on-line, or so-called digital versions. When young people read such mass media sources, they learn much about every day life all over the world. Some people read foreign magazines and learn a lot of English phrase and words.

I am the one, who prefers digital magazines and newspapers, that are better than my newsfeed on any social network. I prefer reading English versions of my favourite magazines, they help me master my skills and broaden my horizons.


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