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The procedure for making a cup of coffee / IELTS academic task 1

The diagram outlines the steps involved in brewing a cup of coffee, from preparing the coffee machine to enjoying the final product. The process can be divided into six main stages: filling the water tank, inserting the coffee filter, measuring out the substance, switching on the machine, collecting the drink in a cup, and finally enjoying the product.

In the first step, the water tank is filled with the desired amount of water. Next, the coffee filter is inserted into the machine and the required amount of substance is measured out and placed inside the filter. Once this is done, the coffee machine is switched on, and the coffee begins to brew.

In the fourth step, the brewed coffee is collected in a cup, and in the final step, it can be enjoyed as desired. Throughout the entire process, the diagram clearly shows how the different components of the machine interact with each other, and how the user must take a hands-on approach in order to successfully make a cup of the beverage.

In conclusion, the diagram provides a clear and concise overview of the procedure for making a cup of coffee. The steps are easy to follow, and the visual representation of the process helps to reinforce the instructions. The ability to make a cup of the beverage with the help of this diagram highlights the efficiency and effectiveness of visual aids in the communication of information need.


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