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The path of talent through life cycles Essay

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

There are life cycles in everything. And to go through your life cycle correctly is a matter of genuine talent and competencies. Thus, the path of talent is a penitential act about how you should ideally go through the life cycle, not evading and not betraying your talent in small ways. By avoiding the matter, you are failing yourself as a developing person, and people who hope and count on you in their intertwined life cycles. And penitential work is needed in order to correct your thoughts and actions when making decisions, to return to the true path of talent, improve your health and be successful.

No one was born in a vacuum, everything goes through life cycles according to the algorithms embedded in DNA. What is the DNA algorithm, you could ask? And that would be a very good question. Because people come up with a variety of algorithms and try to follow them, as if they were born in a vacuum and do not have just degrees of freedom given by the DNA structure. In fact, the same typical DNA algorithms operate in everything living on earth, made up of 4 letters.

Let scientists try to tell stories that there are more than four, there is no need to cloud the view, there are basic 4 letters in DNA, like 4 poles of the earth, 4 cardinal points, 4 limbs in a person, 4 areas of the heart, 4 areas of the brain, 4 areas of the autonomic nervous systems that regulate the heart and breathing, and 4 basic blood types.

Have you ever seen a haemoglobin molecule? There is a quadrangle with an iron core, apparently for the transfer of energy, and then the blood is liquid wires.

And the 4 Gospels were also written there. In fact, much more has been written. But there was a very interesting story about how to distinguish the “real” Gospels from those in which there were some admixtures of conjecture and emotions, characteristic of the author of the text and not related to reality. The story is such that people known for their pure life gathered, prayed together, and, according to their repentant deeds and understanding, received signs about which gospels are genuine, pleasing to God. And there were 4 such Gospels. Precisely because DNA algorithms provide 4 types of intelligence, 4 functions of consciousness and, therefore, there should be 4 ways of transmitting thoughts, 4 natural language codes. If not 4 Gospels to accept, then it would be incomprehensible to some, and that is a responsibility. So, it is clear that there would be 4 main types of penitential work, one for each type of intellect.

Improving, people acquire competencies inherent in their type of intellect, and choose their professional field of activity. Naturally, each person is unique and has individual differences. However, these are differences within a given typical DNA structure, and believe it, billions of brain cells make it possible for any thought to roam, no one is to be bored there. Just get these degrees of freedom through penitential doing.

The ancient word profeta means "prophet". The ability to see and predict the course of events and describe the algorithm is what they did. Do all professionals want to be prophets in their field? Yes? Or not? If you say not, then, probably, you are not going your own way of talent, because talent is given for life and sees where it takes you.

Realistically, the brain has a lot more potential for development than people used to think. More precisely, if they were steadily engaged in self-improvement - repentant doing about their deviations from the path of talent, then, most likely, the brain given to them for growth would joyfully respond both to development and to repentant doing, opening up its resources. It doesn't, and here's why.

Deviations from the path of talent have been called addictions, passions, since ancient times. In fact, these are violations of the commandments written on the tablets of Moses, such as “do not kill”, “do not bear false witness”, “do not desire someone else's”. These commandments, it would seem, formed the basis of all laws and regulations on labour, health, social and personal life, they are the basis of any business. However, a slight deviation from the path of talent gives garlands of admixtures of conjecture and emotions of the authors of laws and regulations, as was the case with the Gospel, and all other canons for life, laws, regulations, etc.

Mathematicians already know that multiplying the number of communication participants by two gives an increase in the number of communication scenarios to millions. At times, there is so much speculation that it turns into “stagnation years”, when the path of talent is really blocked by all these speculations, mostly negative ones. It goes like, "No way, let's just ban them from driving, so they don't see a better life." Or even, "Let's make the journey uncomfortable, so they don't see a better life, and no one can grab us by hand." But can you stop the flow of living energy in the blood? What would it be if not murder?

Why do people allow an admixture of conjecture rather than the competence of talent - sharply, brightly, positively seeing reality with wide open eyes and attracting all the best into life? Well, because to take a dash of speculation out of the decisions of a male bank president is to take seriously the remarks of a female work group organizer who works three times as much but earns three times less (if not ten). It is convenient for him to simply command and not listen to her intuition, even trained through receiving three educations, one of which is with the award of a Ph.D. This is the modern reality. What they do with all that money I don't know, but it doesn't make them look healthier. A stop, one word.

Well, when the heart goes cold and the head bleeds... it's dangerous to your health. Isn't that what some economy is like now?

And this results, for example, in the fact that the structures of the brain are changing, as was recently established, the brain becomes, as it were, porous, holes begin to gape in it, as a result of addictions. People get nervous, and then they smoke, drink, eat fatty and fried foods, act weird and think incomprehensibly, trying to prevent others from being happy and successful. Because someone else's happiness with talent hits the eyes and heart too painfully if you betrayed your own talent and are now unhappy.

Studies have shown that at the very beginning of biased evasion, called cunning since antiquity, there is a negative cognitive mechanism. For example, a woman asks: “Do you love me?”, gets an affirmative answer in some form. But instead of rejoicing, as any child would do - not yet wounded by society and not infected by addictions, a woman asks herself the next question: “Is this true?” And since she not only did not support the flow of healthy processes in herself that renew her immunity and the entire system of life on the basis of love, she interrupted these processes, devalued them, in addition, she launched the processes of analysis-decomposition of love into parts, receiving entropy and loss of energy instead of talented idea realization.

Nothing new, this is exactly how it is described by the holy orthodox ascetics - the crime against the commandments of love, talent, nature. Modern scientists, without knowing it, simply confirm the observations made by orthodox ascetics. In this case, science, as an independent expert, testifies to the clarity and cleanliness of the brain's work of saints who, having neither MRI tool nor ECG, tracked the mechanisms of the brain and nervous system at the level of subtle movements of inner feelings, thoughts, emotions, behaviour. They described as a healthy norm following the development of talent given to everyone for life from God on the basis of the data laid down by nature in a particular person, the development of competencies as derivatives of talent and natural data. And they described the path of repentance as constant corrective activity for deviations from the path of talent.

Well, and here they were miracle workers in our sinful opinion. But in fact, they are simply better than the sinners used the capabilities of the brain, nervous system and their intellect. Therefore, it is necessary to talk not only about the fact that there is a healthy norm of thinking and behaviour in accordance with DNA, as opposed to deviation into destructive addictions. But also about the fact that there are 4 basic types of a healthy norm.

Because, as it is easy to see, the saints had different talents, some of them were subtle observers, as if psychologists, others were organizers and, it must be said, unsurpassed entrepreneurs in a healthy sense - they managed to do what the biased one could not do. There were also saints - healers, acting much more effectively than "just doctors." And there were also saints who taught and educated people, and again, they did it in a much more talented and successful way than "just certified teachers."

It must be said that a teacher's degree, business ownership, or even political activity is absolutely not an obstacle to the development of talent in the spirit of the saints. On the contrary, the whole history of people shows that it is precisely the ability to listen to one's talent and develop it at the highest levels of competence that gives a symphony of all human abilities. The best rulers are holy rulers, there have been such in history. And the best doctors are holy doctors, there were also such doctors in history. As are the teachers.

The question is that a person should be aware and clear that by the age of 12 he\she in general, has formed functional systems, talent should already be clear, and the path of its development should be clear. Then there is a broader adjustment through communication in society. And then a person can say: "I will be an architect, I will build houses in which people will be happy and successful, and all together it will be a city of happy talented successful people" - this should be the norm. And also, as a rule, a phased implementation of this plan should follow. But often there is a disruption of the plan, ridicule, censure, reproaches - all those sick mechanisms of negativism and devaluation of talent that push a person into the position of a loser and an empty dreamer.

Why does a talented person become a “loser”, and is there a place for a “healthy development path” there? There is. And this is the path of penitential work, as the examples of the saints have shown. You might say, "We don't understand what repentance means to us, and we don't see how it applies to modern life."

But if you say so, it will simply mean that you do not have the necessary competencies that you did not develop because you did not listen to your talent. This is a kind of "loss of vision", which does not allow you to see things that are inherent in a healthy norm. Fortunately, not everyone is like that and not all people are the same. Not all people are equally blind.

There are people who have a kind of penitential doing, their way of talent and seeing their own mistakes and correcting them. And this is rooted in their talent, which they did not betray. Have you paid attention to how Richard Branson explains why his brand is called "Virgin"? I will not describe in detail his life path, he does it very well himself in his books and his stories about the values ​​that underlie all his activities. He says, "I'm successful because I'm happy, not the other way around." And he also says, "My whole business is a family business." And he also says: “If you want to do it well, do it yourself, just do it”, “If you are not happy with what you are doing, people are unlikely to be happy getting what you have done for them". This is a simple, sincere, natural fulfillment of healthy norms that were given through Moses as commandments. But not only. It is also a simple, natural, sincere fulfillment of the commandments given by Jesus Christ as the commandment of beatitude. Was it easy for Richard to follow this path of talent through modern life? Yes and no. At times he risked his life and his business and almost died. But he always smiles like a child, because he lives his life and finds wonderful solutions that resonate with joy and happiness in his heart. And he saved both himself and his business time by time, following talent, not substituting others and not dooming them to misfortune.

Translate “bliss” into modern language and you will see that Jesus was the very first and foremost coach of happiness, success and health, and all modern coaches are only as successful as they follow Christ's principles. And how could it be otherwise, if all life on earth is built on the same DNA algorithms? No, these are just "deviators" from a sincere pure life by talent, who having once received a "comfort zone", begin to be clever and add speculation and emotions, like toxic additives to the food of others, and the reality around them becomes cloudy.

This has been called covetousness since antiquity. In modern language, it looks like “I’m so good at my position, I don’t want to improve anymore and I won’t allow others so that they don’t notice my stop in development and prevent me from sitting in my position.” Well, because imagine if Isaac the Syrian met modern people... would he see happiness on their faces? Or even, not Isaac the Syrian, but Seraphim of Sarov... What would he ask modern Russians about? And what would they say to him? Or even John of Kronstadt, he lived only a hundred years ago and walked daily through the streets of St. Petersburg, going around people's houses ... It would not be an easy meeting, I think.

Are modern people happy, living according to talent, conscience, love? Are they successful in realizing their talent?.. It's hard to say. Once upon a time, what was called "stagnation" was what prevented you from being happy and successful. Obviously, stagnation is the deadening of the path of talent, repentance, self-improvement. But don't top managers improve, you can ask?

What distinguishes true repentance from the false path of “improvement”? Just that the saints were happy like children, doing what they did, renewing the breath of their talent over and over again, learning to constantly be good children of God and nature, rejoicing that others are happy, successful and healthy. False doing is doing that leaves no room for the happiness and success of others, because it aims to hide deviations from the path of one's own talent.

The peculiarity of false doing is precisely that it is secretive, skillfully “casting a fog”, intermittently, episodically making small ostentatious improvements, following its secret goal of covetousness, without changing the essence of negativism. It does what is beneficial for holding a temporary position in the material world. This is a way of degenerating talent for the sake of holding a position. So stupid and naive, as it was with Napoleon and Hitler. Blind traitors to their talent do not learn from life, because they are blind.

You can ask me: "Isn't Richard Branson trying to maintain his position in the market?" He tries. But he does this not at the expense of negative mechanisms and devaluation of happiness and success, but by getting more joy for himself and others, developing his talent and competencies. And he retained his positions "in passing", because he was more busy fulfilling his childhood desire to fly into space. He built a spaceship and flew. He rejoiced when he saw the earth from orbit, and the world rejoiced with him. Some people did not even want to tell us about it right away, apparently protecting us from knowing a better life.

Take another example, John R. Searl. Once upon a time, it was a little boy who had vivid, unusual dreams that showed him how to get away from dependence on oil and other inefficient technologies, the value of which today is artificially supported by those who benefit from them - fueling their covetousness. The whole story of John R. Searl is well covered on YouTube. He tried to realize his ideas while working as an electrician's assistant. He built things in the kitchen of his rented apartment, first, then on an abandoned airport field. He put his power generator in his house, and then the local power company tried to destroy his invention by suing him and stuff. And journalists began to call his flying objects “Unidentified Flying Objects”, “flying saucers”, thereby trying to profit and put a fog on the entire true story of the invention in order to benefit for themselves, but not for him.

And what, he betrayed his talent, abandoned his ideas? No. On the contrary, he, relying on his talent, developed competencies, and now he is a world-respected Professor, honestly, sincerely saying that modern science is in many ways an accumulation of those very “covetousness”, "intellectual blindness", "ignorance of reality", which is beneficial to individuals in their positions, but this does not make the rest of the people in the world happy and successful.

The one who stopped developing his talent went towards ill health, unhappiness and failure, both for himself and for others. Retention of the material shell of false well-being only delays the dénouement, but does not cancel it at all.

John R. Searl, in his very mature years, has a clear bright mind, like a child, delighting sincere and honest people. He retained the voice of that talented boy who had vivid dreams, but now he sounds competent and mature. And what's more, thousands of people are trying to reproduce his generators of independent energy, complete success is only a matter of time. And so his repentant doing means: “become better, more competent when it’s difficult for you, become more experienced, wishing good, success for yourself and others, in order to get your success and share it with people like you.”

Is he happy? You can see it on his face, yes. The energy of love is the energy of happiness, success and health, after all. All the evil ones were ugly in their malice, with dead masked faces, even having the image of "wealth". Remember: "How you want to be treated, so you treat others."

Everyone's talent has its own life cycle. At the end of the cycle, everyone receives fruits - some are sweet and healthy, some are bitter and tasteless. Everything becomes open, no matter how you hide it. Better - improve, be happy and successful. This is the essence of repentance. People are waiting for you to do better. Energy creates beauty in the desert. An unbiased search bears fruit. And the last phrases are already the tools of a modern cognitive psychologist.

I am at one with the holy ascetics, Branson, Searl, because I choose life according to talent, love, happiness and success, these are our common human values.


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