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Teamwork / IELTS Speaking task 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Do you like teamwork?

It is very difficult for me to answer because I am an introvert by nature and I do most of my work by myself. However, I have close ones, we help each other, and this is the best teamwork ever for me.

When was the last time you worked with a team?

The last time when I worked with the team was a few years ago. It was rather a strange teamwork experience. Because we argued all the time and could not find a common solution.

Do you like to work or study with others or just by yourself?

I tend to answer that I like to work and study by myself. But I also understand that with the team I can do much more and better. So, this is not an easy question for me to answer.

What's the most important thing for teamwork?

I think the most important thing for teamwork is a spiritual unity, which can look like a coincidence in values ​​and methodology for solving problems.

Do you like being a leader?

Yes, I do. I am the leader of my family team. And that's great. My sons give me great feedback, and it helps me understand where we are going.

Do you think teamwork is important?

Yes, I do. I think teamwork is both important and the most difficult activity on earth. Teamwork makes all things in human behaviour powerful and clear.

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