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Selling a house

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

- Good afternoon! I saw your advertisement for the sale of the house. Can you tell me more about it

- Hello! Sure. It is a new stone house in the area of Herceg Novi, Montenegro, 3 bedrooms, very large kitchen with access to a stone terrace, 2 bathrooms; 1000 meters of land. The house has electricity, running water, sewerage, heating, internet. There is a place for a swimming pool in the garden, you can build another house or a garage. Owners and neighbors are really nice people, we mean it.

The price is 200 thousand euros.

Location: a small village in the mountains, 7 kilometers from Herceg Novi close to an excellent road that connects Montenegro and Bosnia, excellent access by car. A beautiful view of the sea and the city of Herceg Novi opens up from the mountain. In the immediate vicinity of the house there is a café, a restaurant, a farm. The walk to Herceg Novi takes about two hours, trip by car about 10 minutes. The bus runs several times a day.

Detailed description of the house: The house is made in a classic local style: stone walls and a tiled roof, the walls are painted inside with an easy-to-clean paint; laminate floors; ceilings, windows and doors are wooden. The high porch and blind parts of the house are made of stone. All rooms are made in the same style: light walls and dark wooden windows and doorways. Room's area: 22, 18, 16 square meters. The kitchen has a door to the terrace next to the window. The area of the kitchen is 20 square meters. Built-in kitchen furniture. In the middle of the kitchen-living room there is a cupboard-partition. On the side of the living room there is a red sofa. The construction has just been completed, so everything is in perfect condition, although the shadows and blur in the photo do not allow it to be fully displayed.

Sole owner of the house, legalization completed. The zone is not urbanized, there are no restrictions. In the future, the area will be urbanized.

If necessary, you will be provided with advice and assistance in obtaining a residence permit

Exterior view of the house with land and entrance on the photo.

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