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Restaurant / Say it in Serbian.

- All settled

- Good. We try to favor customers who are worthwhile, those who spend, and if the usual poor people arrive, put them in the internal room, never in the external one. Did you understand?

- Sure, I understand. And how much spare time do we have between tables?

- 45 maximum 50 minutes, no more. Those who order two things, you see them immediately in the face. They arrive immediately for the coffee, dessert and go. You know what I hunted the other night?

- Ah yes, yes, I remember.

- Exactly. That's what I mean. If not, how do I pay your salaries?

- Sure, all clear.

- Hi, Rosario, tell me everything. Sure that's fine. I always enjoy having guests of a certain caliber in my restaurant. Don't worry, we will treat him as God, rather tell him to come at the time that is most convenient. All right. Bye, thank you, bye. … A friend called me - the owner of a nearby hotel. Today for lunch we will have the writer Mario Rinaldi. I recommend that we treat him properly and give him the best table. These are people who spend

- I'll handle that

- Good. And remember the internal room only for simpletons. Let's focus more on the external one for the people who spend, okay?

- All right. I go

- Okay.


- The outside room is full

- Optimal. I recommend it for when Rinaldi arrives. Eh

- Be calm. As you told, I kept the best table in the outside room free for him….

- Good day!

- Good day. We are ready to eat, even though I realize it's a bit late.

- In fact. Okay, wait a minute, I'll check availability for a table.

- Thank you

- Thank you

- What do I do with these?

- Did you see them in face?!

- Well, yes.

- Put them in the inner room and tell them to hurry

- Yes, that's what I thought too. I go

- Go.

- So, I only have one table left in the inner room, if that's okay with you.

- Yes, it doesn't matter

- Yes, thanks

- Among others, one last thing, in an hour the kitchen closes. So, I would advise you to hurry

- But, yeah, okay.

- Okay, thanks.

- Okay, then, follow me, please.


- Check it out, please

- Yup. 42.50

- I don't understand, sorry.

- 42.50

- Look, say goodbye to the gentleman because we don't have time to waste

- Look, the gentleman was recounting me

- Look, look at the bill and do yourself a favor, next time, go to a pizzeria, so you will surely find prices there that suit your standards.

- Look at that ...

- Martina, have you heard anything about Rinaldi?

- No, still nothing, no calls, and he still hasn't shown up

- Mario Rinaldi is me. And the extra money is a tip to apologize because consuming only two appetizers, we have occupied a table for an hour.

- Excuse me, surely there was a huge misunderstanding. I'm desolated ...

- Do not worry. The tip, I leave it to you anyway. For the service even if it was inadequate, as it proved rude and conceited as if my nameless face and my scruffy attire authorized you to treat me this way, I never say and never took advantage of my status and my name for favored treatment. I also advised the director so that he wouldn't say I was passing by. For me, authenticity is a great value. In all fields, and I see you don't even know what it is. Remember that you work with people and not with appearances. I hope you will remember this when you spend this tip to make good. Are we leaving, love?

- Off we go

Check how it sounds:


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