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A probable dialogue of travelers - husband and wife with a border guard, and customs officer at the border crossing between Montenegro and Serbia

Dialogue at the border crossing

Border guard: Good morning. Your passports, please.

Husband: Good morning. Here are our passports. (holds out passports)

Wife: Will it take a long time?

Border guard: No, it's just a routine check. Where are you traveling to?

Husband: We are going to Belgrade.

Border guard: Is there anything you have to declare at customs?

Husband: No, we only have personal belongings with us.

Customs officer: (approaching) Good day. Can you open the boot, please?

Husband: Sure. (opens boot)

Customs officer: (examines boot) Everything looks fine. Thank you.

Border guard: (returns passports) Your passports. It's all right, you can go through. Have a good journey.

Husband: Thank you very much.

Wife: Thank you, goodbye.

Border guard and Customs officer: Goodbye, drive carefully.


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