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Playing / IELTS Speaking task 1

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

1. When you were a child, where did you like to play?

When I was a child, I think I was a deeply introvert, I liked to play where no one could see me, I chose places behind furniture or under a large table, for example.

2. Did you prefer playing indoors or outdoors?

When I was a girl, I liked to play in the yard of my house, there were many flowers and grass, we played ball. But, nevertheless, at home, indoors I was able to find more interesting activities for myself, it was individual creativity, drawing, for example.

3. What kinds of games did you play?

I made handmade things. These were, for example, models of ships made of thick paper and thread. There were also appliqués from pieces of coloured paper and plasticine. I also enjoyed sewing dresses for my sister and me.

4. Do kids benefit more from playing outside?

I think all children are different and benefit in different ways. Games outside are more often group games - with a ball or hide-and-seek, catch-up. It develops good communication and movement skills. However, when a child plays alone in a quiet room, the most interesting creative ideas come to him or her, the voice of personal talent comes to light, I think, and it is very important and useful for development in life.

5. What was your favourite toy?

When I was very little, I had a doll called Katya, probably I liked this doll. But in fact, my favourite toys were made with my own hands.

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