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Perfume / IELTS Speaking task 1

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

1. Do you wear perfume or aftershave?

Yes, I do wear perfume, I like it, but I don't do this every day, it depends on the situation.

2. Do you have a favourite kind of perfume or aftershave?

Yes, I have my preferred perfume, for now, it is a delicate and at the same time spicy, slightly savoury and invigorating scent from Carolina Hereira, a Spanish brand. Although on different occasions and communicating with different people, I can use a variety of brands, and these are always invigorating aromas.

3. Would you ever give perfume as a gift?

Yes, I would give perfume as a gift in a certain situation. And sometimes I see perfume as the best gift because through the fragrance I can express what cannot be said in words, these are shades of attitude and wishes.

4. Do people in your country often wear perfume?

I cannot give a simple answer because people in my country have very different attitudes towards wearing perfume. Doctors, teachers, and officials usually do not wear perfume, probably because they consider it unnecessary or distracting. But entrepreneurs and liberal professionals like to wear a variety of fragrances, obviously, for many, this is part of their image and status. And speaking about this part of people, I can say that they wear perfume often, yes.

5. Would you ever buy an expensive bottle of perfume?

I would say that I should have bought at least one bottle of expensive perfume, but for everyday life, I might use just essential oils mostly.

6. Do you think people spend too much money on perfume?

In fact, I don't know how much people spend on perfume, they spend as much as they can on what they like, and I think people spend their money on perfume rather discreetly, in general.

7. Have you received perfume as a gift?

I have received perfume as a gift several times, yes. Each time it was very nice to open a bottle with aroma, it's like revealing some kind of mystery.

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