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Moody's Analytics: What It Is, Its History, and Services Offered

What is Moody's Analytics? Moody's Analytics is a part of Moody's Corporation that provides tools and services for risk management and financial analysis. It helps clients understand financial markets and make informed decisions by offering data and insights.

Main Points:

  • Moody's Analytics offers detailed analysis on credit ratings and global risks.

  • It started as a separate company from Moody's Investor Services in 2008.

  • The company has grown by acquiring other businesses, enhancing its services.

  • Services include data analysis, consulting on regulations and accounting, and more.

  • Although useful, Moody's Analytics should be just one of several resources investors use.

Understanding Moody's Analytics Moody’s Analytics works with different industries to help them understand business challenges and market opportunities globally. Its services are used by people in capital markets, finance, accounting, compliance, and risk management. The company focuses on areas like credit analysis, economic predictions, risk management, and education on regulations.

Experts at Moody's Analytics offer valuable insights based on their experience in credit analysis, economic research, and risk management.

History of Moody's Analytics Moody's Analytics began by distributing Moody’s Investors Service's ratings and research. Over time, it expanded its services to include a wider range of financial risk solutions. It became its own company in 2008 and has since become a global provider by innovating and acquiring other companies. In 2023, Moody’s Analytics made headlines by downgrading the U.S. economic outlook.

Services Offered by Moody's Analytics Moody's Analytics offers several services:

  • Asset and liability management.

  • Credit origination solutions.

  • Comprehensive datasets and tools for data management.

  • Economic data and forecasts.

  • Insurance and investments & pensions solutions.

  • Portfolio management and regulatory & accounting services.

  • Structured finance insight.

  • Financial risk management education and certifications.

These services are used by various investors to get a better understanding of the markets and potential investment outcomes. However, Moody's Analytics, like any analytics firm, should be one part of a broader investment strategy.

Moody’s Analytics Competitors Moody's Analytics faces competition from companies like Elevate, Oportun, and Standard & Poor's. It is well-regarded for its product quality.

Earning Revenue Moody's Analytics makes money by selling its analysis services, software, and data products.

Accuracy of Moody's Analytics While no company can predict the future with complete accuracy, Moody's Analytics is respected for its precision and has won several awards for its accuracy in forecasts and analytics.

Careers at Moody's Analytics There are various career opportunities at Moody's Analytics, including roles in data analysis, research, quantitative research, and more, appealing to economists and financial experts.

Conclusion Since separating from Moody's Investor Services in 2008, Moody's Analytics has provided valuable insights on credit ratings and global risks. It offers a range of services, but it's important to use it as part of a diversified set of resources when making investment decisions.


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